Business Card Design

Designer Business Cards: Selection for Photographers, Illustrators and Graphic Designers

By Iveta Pavlova

3 years ago

Previously on the topic of business cards, I’ve shared a gallery of creative examples that mimic concepts. It’s only natural to continue the series with selected designer business cards. I hope you’ll enjoy the featured cards and get inspired by the talented designers who created them. The following examples include business cards in the fields of photography, art, and design.

Business cards for designers
Business cards for artists
Business cards for photographers

For Designers

This category is pretty similar to the previous. Same as illustrators designers will take the chance to brag with some real skills. Whether the creative specializes in web or graphic design, they will want to strike a great first impression. We see it in these examples. Some feature vector artwork. Other professionally combined fonts and colors communicate style. Others even play with the shape of the business card and the paper and create concepts.


Business Cards For Artists

The best thing about being an illustrator and having to craft your own business card is the opportunity to draw something great that represents you as a creative person. With that being said, the artists below all feature something drawn by them. This makes their cards unique and personal. It can be a self-portrait, patterns, a logo. Why not something vague that would spark the potential client’s interest.



Photography Business Cards

It’s important to have a way to show off your portfolio to potential clients or business partners. When you meet them face to face, it’s essential to have a business card that features your website. In this section, let’s look at some fine examples of cards for creators in the photography field.

What I love about these selected pieces is that they don’t follow the stereotype. Even if they convey the same messages, they do it in completely different ways. For example, some feature a high-quality image sample that showcases the photographer’s art. Others use logos that resemble a camera lens. You will also find examples with an image of the photographer during their work process. Some that play with colors and the paper itself.


Final Words

In conclusion, business cards get your name out there. They can result in a wider audience for your particular branch of art. In this field is even more crucial to make something above the level of the ordinary and truly effective. Quality materials demonstrate your professional outlook to your client base, sure. However, quality design is even more important as it showcases your skills, style, and vision.