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The Best Free Wedding Fonts To Customize Your Special Day

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

The big day has been planned for months and everything has to be perfect, right? It’s easy to concentrate on the big things, clothes, venue, ceremony, flowers, the wine (especially the wine!) but the details matter too. Choosing the right font can set the scene and portray the atmosphere you want. So why not check out some nice-looking free wedding fonts.

For a start, the invitation will be the first thing most people see regarding the biggest day of your life, but equally program for the ceremony, place markers, thank you gifts all have to be printed. The typography is more than a just nice touch these days, it is a symbol of the style you wish to exude and the mood you wish the wedding to have.

You’ve got plenty to think about and plenty of choices to make, so let’s step in to help. We can’t decide for you but we can help by giving you a range of free wedding fonts that might do the trick. Our choices are also free, so you can save some cash for the champagne. So if you are a wedding agency, a wedding planner, a print or marketing agency looking to present different options, or if you are the groom or the bride herself making the choice, we have something to add style to the romance.

Coneria Script

The first one in our free wedding fonts selection is the Coneria script. It is a beautifully traditional calligraphic font in an ornate flowing handwritten style. With two options of straight or slanted, it’s free for personal use.

Baroque Script

A big bold calligraphy font, this is very decorative. The capitals are complete with dramatic swirls creating a medieval feel and the lowercase letter flow naturally from them.

Freebooter Script

A thin-lined typeface, in handwritten calligraphy the longer letters are extended with curved ends creating a more delicate look.

Alex Brush

An elegant well-balanced selection, the Alex Brush font is beautifully clear but still attractive.


This 100% free Exmouth font has enough loops and swirls to grab the attention, even the lowercase letters continuing the flow of the penmanship.


Arizonia is a font whose contrasting thicknesses within the characters creates a drama and sense of confidence whilst keeping a sensitivity. Eye-catching.


Free for both personal and commercial use Allura is a luxurious typeface that sweeps you along.

Italianno Wedding Font

The joy of this Italianno font is that it manages to be absolutely clear and easy to read with a very upright stance but is still classy and elegant. Perfect for place markers for family members whose eyes are not what they were.

Mr. De Haviland Wedding Font

De Haviland shows great control using a combination of quite angular lines and delicious curves. The result is a stand out memorable design.

Quicksand Wedding Font

Something of a change from the usual calligraphy, Quicksand is a great choice if you want to be a little different but not completely off the wall. Soft and round, it is a more modern style and certainly, it sets the scene.


This choice for our free wedding fonts selection of Riesling would perfectly suit a more vintage style. It oozes 1920s class with long curvaceous sweeps in the art deco style. It gets a wow from us.

Chalisa Oktavia Wedding Font

The Chalisa Oktavia typeface combines a thick bolder letter baseform, with hairline thin winding loops. It’s rather effective and beautifully feminine, but it’s only free for personal use.

England Hand DB

By using a handwritten style but keeping the character individual this England Hand DB font has the style suitable for a formal invitation but the essential clarity of print. Nice combination.


If you want something different maybe this beautifully clear Montserrat typeface is the one for you. With 9 different thickness options plus italic styles you can use this font on various elements of the wedding day and keep consistency. Unusually it also supports Cyrillic.

Prata Wedding Font

A clear, contrasting angular and curvy font, Prata is particularly readable in smaller sizes but also works well for headings and titles. As such it could be ideal for your ceremony program or hymn sheets or any lengthier texts.


Underland font is for personal use only but this free demo set gives you enough scope to do what you need. A different look, this is a brush script font forming a rougher handwritten painted effect. Perhaps you’d like your wedding to have a more edgy, modern look so this could be the font for you.

Great Vibes Wedding Font

Huge rounded looping characters with curves and flicks gives Great Vibes a friendly, welcoming feel in both upper and lowercase.


A slightly simpler brushed look, with fewer twists and turns but retaining elements of decorative flow. A nice mix of the ornate and the legible.

Parisienne Wedding Font

The Parisienne font is indeed very French. An elegant and well-crafted mix of shapes and sizes, with flowing tails, it’s lively and fun but still classy.

Yesteryear Wedding Font

The Yesteryear font gives you the thick pen nib feel. Firm solid strokes contrasting in thickness, sometimes loopy sometimes sharper.

DM Serif Display Wedding Font

DM Serif Display gives you a traditional, easily readable font that’s for general use. Nothing fancy but crystal clear, in large or small text. Bold and confident, what you see is what you get.

Wedding Script

A wedding script entitled Wedding script, if ever you wanted a specialist font, then here you are. All the key elements, calligraphy, flow, elegant loops and swirls, kicks and flicks – fits the occasion.

MF Wedding Bells

And finally, appropriately we finish our selection as you walk from the church -with Wedding Bells. Another specifically designed font, standing proud and tall, with high straight verticals and free-flowing natural loops.

Final Words

Our fine selection of free wedding fonts means you can download and get practicing. There’s no harm in trying out a few before you choose, like your dress. This collection should give you plenty of choices to make your invitations something special, your wedding program worth saving, or your place markers a souvenir piece. Or why not really throw yourself into it, by making a dedicated wedding site for invites, RSVPs, details, and announcements and splashing your signature font all over it.

In the meantime, if you are in need of more fonts made with great taste to try out, you could check out the best free fonts for the current year of 2020.