Logo Ideas

Modern Logo Trends: 30+ Inspirational Designs

By Iveta Pavlova

5 years ago

Modern logo design is certainly one of the most important and valuable assets of a brand. In addition, when you create engaging and compelling logos, you show your potential customers what the business does and how it can help. That is why businesses use a significant amount of time and resources to craft this powerful brand element: the logo. Therefore, they pay great attention to every minor detail of it and designers try to capture the most up to date and creative solutions.  So let’s see which are some of the most trendy aspects of the modern logo design.

Modern Logo with Gradients

Nowadays, gradients are one of the most popular and trendy elements companies use in the creation of the logos. When correctly implemented, gradients are very powerful and impactful for the modern logo design so it’s essential to mention that these elements are applied to a specific symbol or monogram of a logo and not the entire logo.

Creative Modern Logo

Customers want original and cool logo designs. Firstly, even if these logos can’t necessarily show what the business actually does from the first sight, they should immediately hint what the company is all about. Secondly, businesses try to be creative and imaginative when it comes to brand development and logo designs. 

Simple Modern Logos

Minimalism is currently one of the most trendy concepts among modern logo design, which helps companies stick to minimal yet very engaging and exciting design ideas. It’s interesting how they create a comprehensive picture of what the business is about and how the customers may benefit from its services. Therefore, by mixing minimal and straightforward ideas with modernism, companies can position themselves in the minds of customers in a way that they become distinguishable.

Modern Black and White Logo

Many perceive black and white logos as a symbol of elegance and modernism. In addition, this combination is an illustration of innovation, futurism, and efficiency. That’s why IT and software companies are particularly fond of black and white combination.

Final Words

In conclusion, every business needs to be recognizable and distinguishable today. Brand elements are one of the most important tools to gain potential customers’ attention and form the initial perception of what the business actually does. For the newly established companies, designers always look for trendy and catchy approaches to design the logo. However, the experienced market players constantly rebrand and catch up on the ongoing market needs.