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100+ Christmas Illustrations For Mega Inspiration

By Iveta Pavlova

1 year ago

When that time of year is approaching, you can’t help but get taken away by the ubiquitous excitement and preparation for the holiday season. And while some people get indulged in the spirit of Christmas later on, others create it months before it happens. Yes, we are talking about creative artists and designers who delight us with Christmas illustrations, designs, and decorations, so we can all immerse in the joyful atmosphere together.

Today, we invite you on a magical journey to enjoy Christmas illustration art in all its diversity. You will find Christmas book illustrations, fragments from various 12 days of Christmas illustration challenges, Christmas Santa illustration examples, great Christmas card illustration ideas, diverse Christmas family illustrations around the tree, or preparing presents for their loved ones. Let’s indulge together!

Modern Christmas Art Illustration Inspiration

Christmas watercolor illustration style, along with pencil and pastel illustration effects are very popular techniques to use for Christmas book illustration art. But not only. Christmas illustrations with textures give life and depth to any artwork.

Enjoy a collection of artistic Christmas illustration examples with textures and depth that fully recreate the magic of Christmas Eve and the spirit of the holiday.

Gold Christmas Tree Illustration by Kate Avleva

Christmas Art Illustration by Kate Avleva

Toy Shop Christmas Illustration in Town by Phenomenon Studio

Log Cabin Christmas Illustration with Snow by Tatiana Bischak

Bookshelf Christmas Illustration by Diana Dementeva

Meeting Santa Beautiful Christmas Mouse Illustration by Diana Dementeva

Christmas Carol Illustration for Book by Diana Dementeva

Red Christmas Truck Illustration by Lee Art

Decorating Christmas Tree Illustration by Anna Starovoitova

Children Decorate Christmas Tree, Christmas Book Illustration by Anna Starovoitova

Christmas Illustration Elf & Reindeer at Home by Tina Freshcolor

Christmas Illustration Kids with Gifts by Julia Sarapata de Carvalho

Christmas Bunny in Cup Illustration by Ksenia Afanaseva

Christmas Day Illustration in Town by Leia Pentskofer

While some artists prefer the more classic approach to drawing Christmas illustrations, others present a flat-style basic geometric design to create stylized and simple Christmas illustrations that still radiate holiday vibes but in a more modern way. Christmas character design style also follows these movements, introducing simple facial features, just to mark the expressions of the character, without depth or detail.

Abstract Christmas Girl Illustration by Olga Semklo

Modern Santa Claus Christmas Illustration by Dmitry Moiseenko

Christmas Art Illustration by Anton Hallmann

Christmas Carol Santa Claus Illustration by Eight Hour Day

Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating by Shakuro Graphics

Cute Penguin, White Bear, and Santa Claus Christmas Illustration by Amanda Shufflebotham

Christmas Day in Town Illustration by Quinn Chen

The trendy pop art culture along with the screaming Memphis style movement, bring to the stage bright contrasting colors that make Christmas illustration art more fun and uplifting rather than creating a humble, relaxing atmosphere. Here are several examples of Christmas pop art illustration style, flat Memphis design inspired Christmas art, and even the digital stickers trend, all recreated through the Christmas theme.

Christmas Party Illustration by Phenomenon Studio

Pop art Christmas Gift Illustration by MAKI Studio

Christmas Pop Art Good or Bad by MAKI Studio

Pop Art Christmas Village Illustration by MAKI Studio

Pop Art Christmas Fireplace Illustration by MAKI Studio

Funny Christmas Illustration Pattern and Gif images by Mat Voyce

Pop Art Christmas Sweater Illustration by Mat Voyce

Pop Art Christmas Pudding Illustration by Mat Voyce

Santa Through Chimney Illustration by Mat Voyce

Christmas Jesus Illustration Baby in Crib by Mat Voyce

Retro & Vintage Christmas Illustration Inspiration

And while Christmas teaches us to be kind and loving, it also brings up nostalgia for many of us. Christmas illustration art in vintage style is always among the trending Christmas illustration styles. Some artworks take you back to the 50s style Christmas illustration, carrying that type of inspiration that never really gets old. Enjoy beautiful vintage Christmas art illustration examples that fully embrace the vintage color palette and present detailed shapes and illustration techniques.

Vintage Wreaths Christmas Illustration Background by Anna Kosorukova

Retro Christmas Star Illustration background by Anna Kosorukova

Vintage Christmas Card Illustration Ideas by Katrina Sutton

Little Girl with Christmas Dress Illustration by Lindsay Dale-Scott

Christmas Advent Calendar Illustration by Masha Sudovykh

Snowman holding Christmas present illustration by Loonhart Helen Lazarenko

Christmas Globe Illustration by Loonhart Helen Lazarenko

And while some artists entirely immerse in the world of the vintage illustration style, others opt for a more modern flat style, presented through retro colors. With these timeless palettes, you can never go wrong. Vintage Christmas colors give out warmth and that special feeling of home that resonates with the spirit of the Holiday on a more sensitive, deeper level.

Vintage Christmas Illustrations for Post Stamps by Yiwen Lu

The 12 days of Christmas Vintage Flat Illustrations by Amanda Shufflebotham

Christmas Ornaments and Decoration Illustrations by Molesko Studio

Flat Christmas Icon Illustration Collection by Jordan Jenkins

Cute Christmas Art Illustration Ideas

Cute Christmas art evokes emotions of attachment and deep affection. When you see it, you will know. But how do artists achieve it? Well, cute Christmas artwork is usually made in a cartoon style. Character design with big adorable eyes, cute rounded shapes, facial features that express kindness and curiosity are must-have attributes to classify Christmas illustrations as cute.  

The cartoony style is a popular style of Christmas illustration for kids, as well. Enjoy a selection of Christmas cartoon images for children’s books or different projects, all creating a friendly, endearing atmosphere. 

Cute Christmas Illustration by Tenney Tang

Christmas Tree on Car, Christmas Cookies, Gifts Illustrations by Tubik Arts

Cute Christmas Town Illustrations Mr. Pringles by Kirsten Ulve

Children’s book Cute Christmas Illustration by Alena Menshikova

Cute Fox Christmas Illustration by Alena Menshikova

Christmas Fox with Stocking Illustration by Alena Menshikova

Cute Christmas Animals Illustration by Kate Malokhatko

Christmas Stocking with Presents Illustration by Cabeza Patata Studio

Christmas Bells And Candy Cane Illustration by Cabeza Patata Studio

Cute Reindeer in Town Christmas Illustration by Patswerk

Cute Santa Christmas Illustration by Anna Hurley

Santa with Bag of Christmas Gifts Illustration by Mo. Fahiz

Christmas Card Illustration

There’s something about spreading happiness that makes the Christmas season so special. Billions of Christmas cards are sent each year, bringing us together and fulfilling us with love and warmth. In this collection, we’ve gathered creative Christmas card illustration ideas, Christmas illustration postcards, and Merry Christmas illustration designs that will give you inspiring ideas to create beautiful Christmas greeting cards for this season. 

Merry and Bright Christmas Card Design by Sam Osborne

Card Illustration Christmas Reindeer by Sam Osborne

Christmas Illustration Postcards by Polina Ugarova

Christmas Tree with Lights Illustration for Christmas by Polina Ugarova

Vintage Christmas Illustration of Children and Sled by Polina Ugarova

Merry Christmas Card Illustration Ideas by Molesko Studio

Merry Christmas Greeting Illustration by Maryna Polonska

Funny Christmas Cards with Animals by Patrick Gildersleeves

Christmas Themed Illustration Ideas

And if you are still looking for something more specific, here we’ve sorted out the most popular symbols of Christmas that help create the spirit of the holiday each year. You will find Christmas tree illustration ideas made in various styles, Christmas cat art illustration ideas, Christmas wreath illustrations with berries, holly, mistletoe, and even Christmas elves illustrations here and there, helping out with the decorations and the Christmas presents. 

Christmas Tree Illustration Examples

Presented in different styles and definitely not necessarily depicted as actual pine trees, Christmas trees art illustration is a subject of wild imagination. We’ve gathered creative Christmas tree illustration examples presented through a spectrum of styles and fun concepts.

Christmas Tree Colorful Illustration by Mat Voyce

Funny Christmas Tree of Presents by Alexey Kuvaldin

Pink Cute Christmas Tree Illustration by Óscar Santibáñez

Modern Christmas Tree Illustration by Romualdo Faura

Christmas Tree with Ornaments Illustration by Joana Dionisio

Lights on Christmas Tree Illustration by Kate Malokhatko

Animal Pyramid Christmas Tree Illustration by Magda

Christmas Presents Illustration Examples

What is Christmas without exchanging presents? Here are several piles of Christmas presents and gifts illustrations that can definitely uplift the mood and get everyone excited about the holidays.

Christmas Presents Illustration by Joana Dionisio

Pile of Presents Christmas Illustration by Óscar Santibáñez

Cute Christmas Presents Illustration by Kate Malokhatko

Cute Christmas Presents Illustration by Cabeza Patata Studio

Christmas Stocking Illustration

A collection of cute, classic, and fancy Christmas stocking illustration examples, representing each artist’s different artistic approach and taste. 

Stocking Christmas Card Illustration by Sam Osborne

Flat Christmas Stocking Illustration by Joana Dionisio

Christmas Stockings Illustration by Matt Cook

Christmas Stockings JOY Flat Pixel Illustration by Amanda Shufflebotham

Christmas Sock Illustration by Brad Hansen

Xmas Stocking Illustration by Bebak

Flat Christmas Stocking Illustration by Craig Seagreen

Christmas Wreath Illustration Inspiration

Here is a cute selection of Christmas wreath illustrations, represented in different artistic styles. Wreaths can also play the role of a Christmas border illustration to put some curious Christmas elves or Christmas kids illustrations popping from the inside.

Christmas Wreath Illustration with berries and twigs by Sam Osborne

Christmas Wreath in Pop Art Style by Mat Voyce

Christmas Wreath Design Illustration by Óscar Santibáñez

Christmas Elf in Wreath Illustration by Pretend Friends

Christmas Caroler Illustration by Josh Lewis

Christmas Cat Illustration Inspiration

Turns out, these comfort-giving pets are among the preferred animals for cute Christmas animals illustration. Here, we’ve picked some adorable, funny and cute cat Christmas illustration examples. You will see a cat with Christmas lights illustration, cats with Christmas presents, and even a cat pyramid as a Christmas tree illustration.

Funny Christmas Cat Art Illustration by Ilona Loginova

Christmas Cat Illustration Greeting Cards by Polina Ugarova

Cat Under Christmas Tree Illustration by Rosanna Salminen

Cat on Christmas Presents Illustration by Alessia Margarita

Christmas Ornament Illustration Ideas

The Christmas tree wouldn’t look the way it looks without some Christmas decorations. Enjoy illustration examples of Christmas ornaments, balls, and toys that make each Christmas tree design unique. 

Christmas Balls Illustration by Óscar Santibáñez

Christmas Ornament Globe Illustration by Alexandra Erkaeva

Christmas Ornament Illustration by Joana Dionisio

Creative Christmas Ornaments Illustration by Chris Fernandez

Elves Christmas Illustration by Viktorija Grachkova

Feeling the spirit?

Whether you needed practical ideas and inspiration for your own Christmas illustration art, or just browsed to the bottom out of curiosity, we hope that this beautiful holiday artwork collection put you in the mood for Christmas.

If you are a designer, however, we think we might have something more you can put into use, as well. Why don’t you check out a few insightful articles or grab some freebies for your future designs?