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The Best Free Futuristic Fonts For Your Collection

By Sandra Boicheva

4 years ago

Although the good old ones are still popular, new fonts are coming out all the time. Ones that push boundaries and limits of design like never before. Different styles for different genres, fashions change and so do your requirements. If you’ve got a modern theme for your blog, website, or product, maybe our selection of free futuristic fonts is just up your street.

So check through our carefully honed choices for free futuristic fonts, there is something for all tastes. You could look at your design options and download a set of characters that can do your content justice.

Monoton Futuristic Font

Free to use Monoton is a futuristic lined font, and there are lots of lines. Working best with larger size texts, this font is beautifully constructed, each character comprising an outstanding linear effect that makes you want to look.

Megrim Futuristic Font

An interesting font that really plays with the idea of geometry in design. This is an out there typeface with the characters taking on a more abstract form than is normal. Sometimes a little difficult to read but when you get there it’s well worth it. Another totally free one too.

Anurati Futuristic Font

Anurati is a free font for registered users, and it’s worth registering for this beauty. Minimalistic is not strong enough to describe this font, you get barely a feel of the letters but amazingly the design allows the brain to do the work and it all comes together.


Blanka is a minimalistic font that is free form personal and commercial use and ideal for large scale texts, headings etc. The letters are unbalanced, angular and geometric, the effect is strangely appealing as your eyes start to construct shapes within shapes.

Bioweapon Futuristic Font

A futuristic font that is a little disturbing, Bioweapon kind of lives up to its billing. Minimal, sharp and almost stencilesque but not quite.

Library 3 am

Library at 3am wins my personal accolade for the best font name but that aside it is also a great example of a font that gets noticed. An outline typeface with a difference, the outlines don’t quite fall where they should. I’m seeing a little Escher and I like it. Support plenty of languages including cyrillic and is free for personal and commercial.

Potra Futuristic Font

An outlined linear free to use font Ponta achieves an awesome effect by adding dots and intersecting the lines. Like a star with a trail shooting through the air or an elusive maze.


This Halfomania typeface starts with a solid outlined form but doesn’t quite make it around the character. Each letter looks like an experiment in single line flow.

Geoma Futuristic Font

Geoma is a free personal use font in 3 weights plus italics. Circular and geometric, it’s clear, simple and readable, and flexible enough to be used in any situation and still be effective.


Another free for personal use only font is the tall, leggy Abastina. Elongated uprights dominate this tightly concentrated typeface.

Caviar Dreams

Caviar Dream is a highly visually contrasting font of sharply angled lines and curvy rounds. Easily read, free for all and available in bold or normal plus there italic counterparts.

Quicksand Futuristic Font

Quicksand is relatively traditional when compared with our other selections but it does have a rather unique dash version that could be worth checking out, and 6 other font versions, if you want to vary but keep the consistency.

Dolce Vita

A lovely free font called Dolce Vita now, with splendid balance and poise to drive you to the future.

Modern Sans

Modern San light is the 100% version. It’s clear as the night sky, with modern single line functionality. Deceptively simple but not simplistic at all.

Quantify Futuristic Font

You can use Quantify freely for personal use and it is bold and solid enough to stand it. What gives it the element of futurism that we are looking for? A little angled snip out of each character, like a flash of light piercing the darkness.


Pay to use commercially or use for free form personal projects, either way Adam is worth it. It’s slight and unassuming but also carries an unflustered, confident, graceful quality.


Modric is cool and classy, and so is the font! Contrasting thickness within the letters create fine definition and readability.

Minimal Futuristic Font

When you name your font minimal, you are setting your bar high. But the level has been met, nothing extra, nothing out of place. What you need, no more no less. Consistency of the highest order.


Personal use stencil effect font Leixo, offer two sets of characters, one highly stenciled, the other full solid letter. This allows you to mix and match to great effect.

Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans Inline certainly doesn’t bury its head in the sand (sorry). A fresh solid continuous bold outline creates the clarity you might wish for.


Free for personal use, but at only $1 for the extended pro version, you might want to treat yourself for the extras available. Leonardo is a rounded friendly 2 font family form which your cna mix character. A normal, traditional font look or a more avant garde unbalance set with occasional complete inversion.


The completely free, Droidiga is another two font family, one strikingly bold and angular but the that throws up some nice surprises. Mix and match.


Free, free and free, delicately long and thin, even the thick version, Montepetrum reaches for the skies and brings you down to some exquisitely rounded bases.


A ten font file freebie for the future (personal only) Abandoned is unlikely to be left alone for long. Rounded off points and ends, and clarity of balance. Nice work.

Odibee Sans

A squared set of characters with a basic retro feel, that works incredibly well with smaller text sizes. Odibee Sans is reminiscent of a calculator display. Very cool.

Miriam Libre

Miriam is a bi-lingual font mixing latin scripts with hebrew. A single, linear approach which is uncluttered and gives amazing clarity.

Text Me One

Perfectly proportioned Text Me One works fantastically well with larger size text where you can see the playfulness of it’s unconnected lines, it’s not all as it seems at first glance.


Codystar is a two font family with letters and characters consisting completely of dots. Unusual and distinctive, it’s nonetheless easy to read.

Iceland Futuristic Font

Free font Iceland is a strong typeface. Being broad and short the characters look almost square, more interest is created by 45 degree angular cuts that round the edges. Dynamic and forceful.


Dorsa is tightly packed, condensed, and still spacious. Tall verticals and elongated loops allow for space within and between the characters.

Final Words

Our selection of modernistic future feels fonts offers a wide variety for you to use on a suitable project of a piece of work. Some typefaces are more suited to dramatic eye-catching headlines, others are perfect for logos and some will fit nicely in a longer text. Whatever you choose, experiment, resizing can make a huge difference to the look and feel of these particular fonts. If it doesn’t cut it, try again, after all, they are free, so get playful.

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