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The Best Free Graffiti Fonts Collection On The Block

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

We’ve taken a look around the net and come up with some great free graffiti fonts. You could download and get started right away.

Graffiti has blessed or blighted our towns and cities, for better or worse for decades. Sometimes seen as an urban problem, an infringement on private property, it is certainly a discussion point. A rise in urban, street cultures and fashion alongside music genres of hip hop and rap has seen a rise in graffiti as an art form with more mainstream artists as well as street artists getting involved.

So why not graffiti fonts? Inherently, graffiti has many of the elements people look for in fonts, such as creativity, drama, color, expression, and eye-catching appeal. In certain circumstances, it could be perfect for you. Anyway, if you have ever searched for graffiti fonts you will know that it is really hard to find a good user experience fonts in this style. Fortunately in this article, you will find the best graffiti fonts, with good readability, UI-friendly, and suitable for multiple projects.

So here we go.

Sprite Graffiti Font

Sprite is as bubbly as it sounds, fresh, cool and important completely legible. Slight 3D effect by use of highlights. Available for free in a huge range of languages.

Philly Sans Graffiti Font

Philly is free for personal use only, it’s strong and solid and angular but still easily readable.

The Graffiti Font

This comic-style graffiti font is free for both commercial and personal use. You can choose a big curvy black set or go for the bright bold colored set with shadowing and highlighting.

Knight Brush Graffiti Font

A free demo version for personal use is offered here. Hand-painted style with strong brush strokes and flicks.

Fusterd Brush Graffiti Font

This completely free font takes the brushstroke effect one step further. Realistically, some characters are not fully formed or shaded. A cool rushed effect.

Hoodson Script Graffiti Font

This Hoodson Script gives us the feel of a really well worked retro tag. Very memorable, stand out text on thick black outline.

Vindica Rebel Graffiti Font

Angular, aggressive, rushed brush effect it’s full of life and energy. Each character looks as if it is formed by a quick flick. Could be perfect for your image.

Ceviche One

The Ceviche typeface is a curvaceous retro 60s look, that works really effectively on larger signs and headings. Solid black, individual characters, readable and clear but dramatic.

Freckle Face Graffiti Font

Wavy blobs of letters, no straight lines, fun and funny. The quirky freckle Face font doesn’t take itself too seriously.


If you want an element of fun and movement maybe Frijole is the font for you. Quivering marks and highlight bubbles combine to create an eye-catching typeface.

Vampiro One Graffiti Font

A script font that joins beautifully together but is still jutting and angular. Solid block lettering has a thick marker pen effect.


Nosifer’s characters drip and ooze as if they are tar on a scorching summer’s day. Read it quick it’s going to run away. Unique look.

Plaster Graffiti Font

With an unusual Stencil effect, Plaster is very different. Huge vertical gaps through the letters centres give an abstract quality that is sometimes tricky to read at first glance, but it keeps you interested enough to keep looking. The result comes together after a few seconds, worth the effort.

Keania One

Another stencil effect but a very different look. Softer and curvy, each letter is broken up in a natural way making it easily readable even in smaller sizes.

Sedgwick Ave Display

An unmistakable graffiti feel to celebrate the birth of hip hop. You really can imagine seeing this on a street wall in New York. Edgy and urban.

Caesar Dressing

Caesar Dressing has a completely different look that might appeal to you. Strong geometric shapes, no curves, only straight lines. It’s so retro it’s Ancient Greek.

Sister Spray Graffiti Font

This Spray can effect font is free for personal use only. It really captures the effect perfectly. Heavier blobs, and thinner slashes there are even some extra characters to play with to create a total sprayed effect.

Painterz Graffiti Font

Paintertz is another spray can effect font, which is only free for personal use. The letters are solidly formed and well rounded, the occasional one has a nice drip effect too, just to add to the realism. Extra characters are supplied including underlining slashes.

Spray Letters

A spray font that is thinner and very, very readable. Great drip effects, hazy outline, variable thickness, and completely natural. Only personal use though I’m afraid.

Urban Decay Graffiti Font

Urban inner city, brushstroke typeface. Dripping, splattered, angled and aggressive, edgy, and awesomely cool.

NMF Burner

Well designed, well balanced classical graffiti font. Bubbled, block individual characters make it clear, simple, and effective. And it’s 100% free.

Nuevo Trenta Graffiti Font

It’s different, and you have to donate to the author, but it may well be worth it if this is the one for you. A Slashed effect that looks like it could be cut into fabric and each character fade to a rough frayed edge.

Final Words

A wild and different selection, I’m sure you’ll agree. These fonts would not look out of place on a wall, train, tube station, or downtown building but they could also be just the job to add a bit of wow to your site or product, banner, or sign. They are free graffiti fonts, but check out the restrictions, download, experiment, and see where you end up.
We hope you enjoy and find a use for this game-changing genre.

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