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50 Really Good Shopify Website Examples that Sell with Ease

By Iveta Pavlova

1 year ago

Shopify is the most famous modern e-commerce platform, with thousands of sites being built on it. Today, we will show you 50 fantastic Shopify website examples that demonstrate how versatile this platform is.

We’ve included top Shopify stores’ categories like:

All of these Shopify designs please the eye with good taste and unique styles and go perfectly with each brand identity. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into these Shopify website ideas!

Fashion & Clothing Shopify Websites

The fashion industry is one of the biggest revenue industries worldwide offering an insane diversity to clients and global shipping. Platforms like Shopify have made international shopping easier than ever. In this selection, we’ve included amazing clothing Shopify stores, Shopify jewelry stores, and watch stores to get you inspired.

1.  Marble Fashion Shopify Theme

Marble is a beautiful Shopify theme for fashion and clothing stores, rich in sections and fields, ready to adapt to anything a specific brand may need. You’ve got a full-width hero section slider to showcase your most attractive products, adaptable into a handy grid if that’s what you prefer. Clean Shopify stores are among the latest hits in graphic design, as you will see further down, focusing on the diversity and quality of products, and offering various functionalities to make the user experience a breeze.


DeMellier London’s website wins you from the very beginning with an engaging full-width video presentation of their new product collection. This table-inspired Shopify website design is fully based on visuals – full-width photos and videos, with each photo or video being a link.


An incredibly cute website design that appeals to parents from first sight. The baby clothing brand presents a website in pastel colors to convey purity and innocence. Moreover, the rounded buttons and elements convey friendliness. What more would we want from a Shopify baby store?


Magda Butrum’s site design is another Shopify website example from the fashion industry, proving that full-width videos and photos work perfectly for a luxury fashion brand. Plus, who doesn’t love a little drama, added by the extra noise on pictures?


The opportunity to add a video to your hero section really improves the visitor’s chances of conversion. Check out the site of Knows eyewear. The site pleasantly surprises with a scroll animation of eyeglasses that zoom in and out to show every bit of the frames.


Here is a different Shopify website design. The Jean Shop Rocker presents a short homepage, with just the upper part of the jeans showing in the hero area. This trick definitely makes the visitor scroll down to reveal more information about the products.

Jewelry Shopify Websites

Jewelry Shopify stores often prefer minimalism and simplicity for two reasons. First of all, jewelry products require clean websites, so you can focus on the small details of the handiwork itself. Secondly, minimalist designs with high-quality product photos feel more sophisticated and make the viewer prone to buying more expensive goods.

7. Arda Shopify Website Theme

The ARDA Shopify theme is a great example of how you can present your jewelry brand in the best possible light while adapting the sections to your specific requirements.


Rever Jewelry is a brand whose site is built entirely on Shopify. Clean and elegant, they use a combination of just two colors to keep the design minimal while focusing on the products at the same time.


Similarly to the previous brand, this one also demonstrates a clean taste and a minimalist color scheme – white background with pale grey sections. In contrast to their script letterform logo, the fonts are thin, tall, and elegant. 


A high-quality image is worth a thousand words, and that’s even truer for e-commerce stores that sell luxury accessories. This elegant eyewear website design uses neutral pastel tones as a background to keep the spotlight on their products. 


Here is an example of a Shopify successful store that uses an interactive design to keep the visitor engaged. Once you open the site, you see just half of several watches, so you’re instantly drawn to keep scrolling. As you keep scrolling, even more animations occur!


A table-inspired Shopify website example, with a switched color scheme this time. You’ve got black as a background and white border lines. Even more, Fiat Lux’s site design includes thin-line decorations that remind of greek mythology’s geometric designs.


How to catch the attention better than with an appealing product demonstration video for users to watch once they open your website? A simple but modern website design that highlights the product’s qualities in an elegant way.


This is a brand for travel charms and souvenirs whose site design definitely pops among the traditional jewelry Shopify stores. You’ve got a cute and dreamy combination of pale mint green, pink, and pale yellow. And the random holiday pictures here and there will get you into the mood for traveling, for sure.


Skin Care & Beauty Shopify Stores

Minimalist and simple Shopify store designs are the preferred types of websites in the beauty and skincare industry. Clean and minimalist designs convey purity and femininity – qualities that go in perfect harmony with what cosmetics brands want to covey. In this selection, you will see cosmetics and skin care Shopify store examples and beauty-devoted e-commerce Shopify stores.


Cosmetics with clean ingredients wouldn’t have their site any other way than with a clean and minimalist design. The color scheme is reminiscent of skin tone nuances, therefore making it a perfect choice that adds up to the feeling of “natural”. 


Here is a brand that sells daily dietary supplements based on the cannabis plant. Naturally, Eviday’s website color scheme is based on the greenish-brown earthy colors gamma to strengthen the sense of naturality. In addition, you have great high-quality product images and eye-pleasing small animations.


A brand by a famous actress cannot sell their products any better than if they are presented by the actress herself. Jennifer Aniston’s brand Lolavie uses exactly this tactic. The site is built entirely on the Shopify e-commerce platform, with a clean, elegant design, and motion elements such as an attractive ad video with the actress. 


Another brand with a celebrity behind it. The REM beauty product line is founded by Ariana Grande. The Shopify website’s playful design is targetted towards the younger audience. You will not see letter capitalization here which leaves a sense of friendliness with the audience. The choice of font is quite edgy and rebellious, too.


With such a cute and playful design, Embeba is a brand for baby and family cosmetics. You’ve got nice wavy animations, dreamy clouds here and there, gentle sparkles, and cute flowery shapes that instantly put the viewer in the baby-products shopping mood. Of course, appealing baby photos for baby Shopify stores are a must!


Sports Goods and T-Shirt Shopify Stores

As the print-on-demand market has become relatively easy to enter, more and more Shopify T-shirt stores have emerged on the web. In the following selection, we’ve included great websites that sell sports goods and T-shirts. Undeniably good and all built on Shopify.


Yes! A video design in the hero area is a big “yes” from us. Alphalete is a sports goods brand that really knows how to sell its products. A good dramatic effect is created by the dark background, and contrasting white used as a background for the pictures makes you naturally focus on the products.


Here is an example of a table-based Shopify website design in the clothing industry. Lemkus is a sports brand with a wide arsenal of products. The site impresses with a minimalist design, small engaging animations, and outline design elements. 


Clean and picture-based, Overtime’s website just leaves the viewer enjoying the diversity of its products. The minimalist design is personalized with a cool custom rainbow cursor and small animations here and there. 


This is a simple, clean and straightforward Shopify design. Such designs are very popular among clothing brands as they allow the viewer to stay focused on the products. Vitality is a sports brand whose website is based on an all-purpose Shopify theme, designed according to the latest trends in the graphic world. 


DB Journey’s brand shows a Shopify website example that is based on full-width image sizes. You won’t see margins between images, nor borders. Yet, the style of images blends together to achieve a seamless flow, as you scroll down the site. 


Metal Umbrella’s website welcomes you with a full-width hero image, edgy script logotype, retro-inspired heading and call-to-action button design. Minimalist, yet funky and rebellious to capture the youthful spirit of the brand identity.


A design that takes you on a journey to the galaxy! The Degenerate-All-Star’s design is one of the Shopify website examples that definitely pops out among the mass designs. Instead of presenting a plain white-and-black minimalist design, they went for a vibrating burgundy-blue palette in the beginning; then revealed an immersive galactic background, as you scroll down. 


This Bad Boys’ merch site is built on Shopify and fully embraces the movie vibes. You will see dramatic oversize typography, special effects monochrome photos, and even a cool animation in the end – a helicopter flying over the brand’s name. Definitely an eye-pleaser for every fan!


Definitely, an eye-catching and energizing design that cannot leave you indifferent. Arze is a sneakers brand whose website design is built on a powerful red nuance, with retro-inspired elements here and there. Did you know that retro-inspired designs are quite trendy right now?


Food & Beverage Shopify Websites

The food and drink industry has long broken the limits of physical stores. Nowadays, many brands are selling their products online, and one of the best platforms to create an e-commerce site for this purpose is undeniably Shopify. In this selection, we’ve included great Shopify coffee stores, alcoholic drink stores, as well as food stores, all built on this famous e-commerce platform. Ready to get inspired?


Who says coffee sites should be based on the color brown? With a delicate wave animation and calming green color palette, Wogan coffee’s Shopify website is definitely an example that proves you have to push the limits in order to get noticed. 


Table-inspired websites have been quite a hit recently. Brand Breeder’s website impresses with cool hover animations on boxes, as well, revealing an energizing bright yellow color that reminds of the sun.


With the rise of health awareness, manufacturers have been trying to offer more and more natural foods on the market that attract the eye just like fast food snacks. Well, this is the case with Pitaya foods. Just look at that fun, multi-color design that makes you want to grab a fruit snack right away.


Just in tune with the healthy lifestyle, fitness Shopify stores have become more and more popular selling food supplements and healthy substitutes to replace the not-so-healthy original versions. Eleat cereal is a site that sells high-protein cereal mixes.


If this site doesn’t make you want to buy beer, we don’t know what will. The impeccable design and the awesome animations on the site really make you immerse in an experience that simply sells the product.


Another table-inspired design that looks so neat and visuals that make you drool. Doughy impresses with an appealing animation, once you open the site, that tickles your senses and makes you ready to purchase. 


Natz’ site welcomes the visitor with a little drama – the extra noise and the zoom-out effect actually mesmerize the viewer, probably to imitate the feeling you get when you consume the drink. As we scroll down, we see another table-built design, made in tune with the latest design movements.


Oversize typography is among the top graphic design trends right now, along with simple sans serif fonts. Both design trends are cleverly implemented in the brand name type design that welcomes the viewer, once you get into the site. All in all, this site is built around simplicity, with cool animations that make it look modern and edgy.


Cute and refreshing, Perfy’s website is in perfect tune with the feeling you get, once you consume the beverage. The site design impresses with wavy shapes and rounded fonts that really break the ice and convey the sense of friendliness. 


Insane Grain’s insane website design perfectly captures the edgy, rebellious vibe of the snack’s brand identity. The designer has gone for a funky display font, energizing colors, cool mandala drawings, and crazy collages of people. A formula that definitely resonates with the young audience. 


In the food industry, you rarely see a brand design built around pale blue, pink, and coral. The unconventional choice of a color palette brings out the feelings of cleanness and purity. These associations are in perfect harmony with the cleanness of the product ingredients – gluten-free and dairy-free. 


A sweet design for a sweet product. This Shopify website design will impress you with sweet girly colors and rounded shapes. It’s a perfect collaboration that embraces the “soul” of macarons. Mmm, yum!


Even More Shopify Website Examples


An adorable baby Shopify store promoting the oral care of the little ones. The design of this store is truly something different. We see elements buttons and text filled with magical dreamy gradients (that is even animated) and cute watercolor characters that appeal to the kiddos. Shop Frost is definitely a store worth checking out.


An enchanting Shopify website design that makes you fall in love at first sight. This is one of the baby Shopify stores that prove creativity can really sell the product. The site design feels like it’s telling the story and the visitor becomes a part of it.


You can literally use the Shopify platform even if you have only one product to sell. B!POD is a brand that sells a food vacuum device, so the whole Shopify store is built around it. Let us say that the site design looks very elegant and modern. It definitely highlights the product benefits and makes you want to buy the device.


Among all pet Shopify stores you can find, this one really caught our eye. A brand that sells indoor dog houses? A brilliant idea and an even more brilliant design. The Shopify site design itself is clean and modern, and focuses on high-quality professional photos that demonstrate the benefits of the product.


One more pet Shopify store example, this time devoted to the feline world. Made by Nacho is a brand of cat-crafted pet food. Besides the cool color scheme of the site design, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a cute cat illustration in the “Subscribe and save” section that interacts with you, while you move the cursor left and right.


Here is one technology Shopify website example that presents an interesting product – a smart mailbox. The design of the product is clean and futuristic, so it’s natural that the website’s design is also clean and minimalist.


The Dormy House is one of the many Shopify furniture stores built on the famous platform. With a classic and clean design, the visitor can really enjoy the diversity of products rather than get distracted by unnecessary clutter. 


You don’t see a wall paint manufacturer brand using Shopify to sell their paint online every day, don’t you? Well, this one will show you how it’s done. The Caparol Icon’s site beautifully captures the arsenal of colors and showcases great interior pictures that demonstrate the quality of the paint.


Another interesting site with a super cute design – Nestera sells chicken coops! Who would think we’d find so many diverse Shopify site examples that prove you can literally sell anything on Shopify. This one comes with cute animated flat illustrations and a funky font.  


Simply Noted is a service that offers to send realistic hand-written messages to thousands of recipients (if you need to). The unique service also sells all kinds of greeting cards that can be personalized, as well, according to your taste. And it will look like they’ve been written and sent personally by you! In the spirit of the service, the design includes plenty of design elements in a hand-written style.


That’s it!

We hope this Shopify website list brought you the inspiration you need in order to create amazing Shopify stores yourself or even start your own e-commerce business! The diversity of beautiful Shopify websites is insane and this is just a portion of what you can create on the platform.

Looking for even more inspiration while on the subject? Why don’t you check out our “Get Inspired” section on the blog? We post really good stuff, specially curated for designers!

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