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30 + Simple Logo Examples that Make Brands Distinctive

By Iveta Pavlova

4 years ago

Logos are perceived as one of the essential brand elements. After all, they are the face of a company. You certainly had a handful of big brand logos in your mind. Think Starbucks, you imagine the green mermaid; you think Adidas, you instantly think of the three stripes. Just like that, customers can instantly capture simple features such as the shape and color of a logo. Now let’s talk about some essential features designers consider before they start developing logos. In this article, I will give you some top-notch design simple logo examples straight from the designer’s kitchen in Dribble. All of them are distinctive and successfully convey the message the brands want to communicate to its audience.

Distinctiveness and Simplicity of Simple Logo Designs

First and foremost, the logo should be distinctive yet straightforward. This is how your customers will memorize your brand easily. Graphic designers make sure it is visually simple to be remembered. A well-designed logo is one of the most effective and straightforward ways to gain potential customers’ attention.

Simple Logo Examples made to be Memorable

One of the most significant advantages of simple logos is they are easy to recall and require less cognitive processing. It’s all about how to capture your brand identity in just one picture. When you overcomplicate your logo design, customers might get confused about the field or idea behind your business. The truth is, a load of information exhausts our brain. We want the information to be precise and clear. Designers consider the psychological aspects of brand development as the most critical part of gaining brand awareness.

Clear and Concise Message in Simple Logo Designs

The simplicity of your logo should be targeted to customers and what would you need them to know. Who are you? What is your message? Those are the things a logo instantly gives answers to. However, many confuse simple logo design with a simple brand message or business model. By simplifying the logo you are able to successfully deliver the message of your brand? You may have a complex business model, yet be aware of your consumers’ needs which will be also illustrated by the logo of your company. 

Scalability of the Simple Logo Design

Many graphic designers consider the scalability of the logo as one of its essential features. The simple logo is easier to enlarge or shrink without causing any visual defects. With that being said, the more complicated your logo is, the more likely it will deviate the visibility both in social media as well as billboards or other places. Detailed images become quite unreadable in small sizes, so keep that in mind.

The Effectiveness of Simple Logo Design

The effectiveness of your logo design is directly tied to several principles that experts highlight all the time. Simplicity and memorability are two most essential features a brand logo should have. Compelling logos feature the brand’s uniqueness without carrying too much information in it.

Final Words

In conclusion, one essential thing businesses should keep in mind is that the simplicity of the logo does not equate to simple business ideas and models. The truth is, the simplicity of your logo is directly tied to your company’s effectiveness of capturing the target market’s needs and wants. It is the ease of memorizing and positioning in consumers’ minds that makes the brand easily recognized. 

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