Free Fonts

The Best Free Fonts For Your Designs in 2020

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

Typeface choices are growing faster than ever before, and an important choice it is too. Your choice of typeface creates an instant visual impact of your website and speaks of its quality. There are hugely popular fonts that have been around for years, sometimes staying the same sometimes being slightly altered. However, there are also new kids on the block vying for your attention. We’ve put our heads together and come up with a bunch of fonts that we believe are going to take the web by storm. And even better we’ve selected ones that have free options. So check out our collection of best free fonts, there’s something for everyone.

Peace Sans Free Font

To start with Peace Sans. The font supports all the European languages and is completely free to use. It is clear, solid, and well rounded. It achieves the peaceful look that is the aim of the designers.

Salmela Free Font

An ornate calligraphic style, Salmela is free for personal and commercial use. We particularly enjoy the tones within the characters that create a fantastic handwritten ink feel. Beautiful work.

Henrik Font

Henrik is a solely uppercase font that creates a vintage look by aging the characters with an intriguing rubbed out feel. Perfect for establishing that kind of atmosphere for your brand. Though only personal use and desktop.

Ocean Six Free Font

Another handmade feel font. This time Oceans Six uses roughly painted brushstrokes, picture a beach shack bar sign. Free for commercial use as well as personal.

The Woodlands Font

The calligraphic woodlands typeface has a great natural rhythm and flows to both the upper and lower cases and the numbers too. You really feel like you are reading a beautifully crafted letter. Brings a smile.

Jaime Blues Free Font

Jaime Blues tries to produce a flowing cursive script with a more masculine feel. It succeeds rather well. Completely free.

Carneys Gallery Free Font

Here we have a double script font with two very different styles working hand in hand. A heavier rounded print plus a thin delicately lined handwritten signature style. Great combination and free for personal use.

Hamster Script Font

An interesting combination of heavy print with cursive characters. Single toned and very clear.

Brendan Script Font

A personal use font with an awesome vintage style. The designers recommend wedding invites and gift cards and frankly who are we to argue.

Crown Font

A beautifully designed set, Crown is indeed a jewel. Well-formed lettering with pinched ends stands out from the crowd.

Elaris Serif

Class and clarity are the first two words that spring to mind here. Individual characters of mixed weight standing proud.


A font with contrast, almost invisible hairline thin to fat and strong. Your eyes do the work. A 3 thickness choice but only free for personal use.


Another visually distinctive contrasting font with sharp lines and rounded blob ends plus differing thickness. Works very well in larger sizes.

Skinny Bastard

Skinny bastard is certainly thin although we cannot confirm its parentage. A really distinct design, straight upstanding, energetic, and a little rough around the edges.

Frontage Condensed Font

An outline font with great simplicity and clarity.

Cast Iron Font

You would expect something called Cast Iron to be solid and angular and that’s what you get. No curves here, visually different and brutal yet beautiful.

Timothy Font

A great cute typeface that has bags of personality. Handwritten printed look of bubbly letters. Makes us think of writing your crushes name on a rain steamed window pain.

Gorgeous Free Font

Gorgeous by name, gorgeous by nature. Tall, elongated lettering, with elegant hairlines and contrasting thicker verticals. Completely free for personal use.

Cocomat Font

A personal use only font, Cocomat is available from ultralight to heavy options. A rounded look that can be used for almost anything.

Clearlight Font

A modernist font for personal use only, Clearlight is indeed light with tall long vertical stretching up, it leaves space for the letter to breath. Ideal to impose on an interesting background.


So rounded the characters are virtually circular. Friendly, airy, and breezy.

Audrey Font

A highly contrasting and smoothly elegant typeface. A seamless mix of curves and straight and thickness.Very very classy.

Agus Sans Font

A lovely clear uppercase with well-defined lettering it’s easy to read as well as visually attractive. Plus an interesting lowercase alternative group that is far more abstract and graphic. Good choice.

Final Words

There is a swing in font fashion and some great designers are throwing their hats into the ring. You no longer need to go with the old favorites. These typefaces present you with a huge range of options, download and try them out -they are free after all. If it doesn’t float your boat -have another go, who’s counting. If you’ve put your heart and soul into your product, project, or site – then choosing a cool, fashionable font might just be the thing that puts the icing on the cake.