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Birthday Cards Inspirational Ideas

By Iveta Pavlova

5 years ago

Birthdays are always special and significant for everyone. It’s when you gather your family, friends, and all of your loved ones around. Along with gifts, getting a birthday card is always heartwarming for the one whose birthday it is as it has a personal touch and shows special attention. Unfortunately, as much as we would love to get creative and make something personal for the birthdays of people we love, it’s not that easy. In fact, most of us may have trouble with creative ideas for birthday cards and could hardly beyond “Happy Birthday.” That is why, in this article, we have gathered some lovely birthday cards that will get you inspired to pick up a pen and write a warm and personalized message for your loved ones. So, let’s see some of the creative birthday cards.

Universal Birthday Cards

There are a lot of exciting ideas for birthday cards you may want to implement while thinking of a new design. Think of activities each of us likes, such as traveling. You may want to design a birthday card with a form of suitcase wishing your friend a year full of new travel experiences. Other than that, there are universal birthday wishes we get each year. For instance, wishing for a year with great joy and happiness. 

Birthday Cards for Mom or Dad

If it’s your Mom’s or Dad’s birthday, that is a big deal, and you may take a considerable amount of time to look around for inspiration. Since childhood, our parents probably keep their birthday cards or other celebration cards. And this is no matter if we drew an ugly painting or wrote a greeting with dozens of grammatical errors, they still loved it and kept. As you grow older, you want to make them happy even more by putting more effort and creativity into it. One of the ideas is a personalized message, it may be simple visually, but you may think of a creative and fun message like “All moms give birth to a child. Except for my mom, she gave birth to a legend.” 

Birthday Cards with Years and Numbers

Another interesting and creative idea for a birthday card may be the ones with years and numbers. One of the ideas is the handmade “oldometer” you can make. It’s basically a cool way to transform years into something else. For example, tell that birthday person has been fantastic for let’s say 18,921,600 minutes!  

Birthday Cards for Babies and Children

Undeniably, birthday celebrations are the most loved and anticipated by children. Kids love to get visually appealing cards alongside the presents. To get you inspired, we found those colorful birthday cards with cartoon heroes and animals. 

Birthday Cards for Teenagers

Teens always like to be in a trend. When you think of birthday cards for teenagers you could think of some trendy quotes.

Other Cool Birthday Cards

And last, let’s see creative ideas. Other cool birthday card options include funny ones such as “Happy BEER-th day” with an image of beer on it. You may also make a personalized message for a friend by writing an inside joke on a birthday card, which only you two would understand.

Final Words

In conclusion, I would like to say that it’s not so difficult to make the perfect personal birthday wish with the right sources and inspiration. There are a lot of creative ideas for making birthday cards and we only scratched the surface.

Go dig further and let us know if you would like us to add your creative.

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