70s Graphic Design Examples to Inspire Your Retro Projects

By Ludmil Enchev

1 year ago

In recent years we see a lot of interest in retro design, one of the hottest trends right now in every aspect: graphic design, animation, posters, package design, product design, and more.  In today’s article, we will take a look at some amazing examples from the 70s design – outstanding real examples, and some great nowadays adaptations of 70s style design.

We will browse different styles that were modern from the early to late 70s. Let’s not waste our time and get inspired!

We will start with one hit magazine cover example from the early 70s, a trendy 70s package design of cornflakes, and one great Coca-Cola illustration. 

In 70s the movie industry was influenced by some the biggest directors ever. They pushed the boundaries of filmmaking and changed the entertainment forever. Some of the evergreen classics came out and here are some examples on how the posters look alike back in 70s.

The decade is popular with a lot of huge festivals that were everywhere and anytime. Let’s take a look at some 70s poster design examples that were used to get people to events.

Back in the ’70s the books and magazines were on a pedestal as there was no internet and smartphones. Let’s dive into some great examples of 70s book designs and magazine covers that were popular back then. 

In the early 70s, the Beatles were everything! They changed the course of music, and politics,  and influenced a whole new generation. Below you can find comics about the Beatles and a few book covers in the popular illustration art of ’70s graphic design.

The 70s retro design was highly influenced by artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, and more. Let’s take a look at some amazing 70s art design examples.

With modern minimalism and retro trend rising, one of the most popular artistic approaches right now is to design with 70s stripes. This combines the vintage and the current in a unique way. Let’s see some original 70s line designs that were popular back then.

We continue with 3 more 70s design style examples from different niches. Below you will find an illustrated book cover, an abstract poster for a movie inspired by 70s retro graphic design movements, and a Graphis Annual magazine cover from the 70s. Check them out.

The last three examples from creative artists prove that 70s graphic design styles may vary extremely, and the times were great to experiment. The second one is a great example of how the 70s font design has evolved since the beginning of the decade. 

As a dessert, we’ve decided to share with you a compilation of tv commercials from back in the days, when colored TVs started entering homes in the early 1970s.



Final Words

The 1970s were years of a technology boom in the entertainment industry, that changed the world forever. If you think about it, these were the years when Star Wars changed the cinema forever, TV became colored, the first Walkman cassette player came out, the first cell phone was introduced, and VHS was released on the market. All these things changed the world we currently live in, and as we can see, affected the design industry as well.

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