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2000+ Masterfully Crafted Free Icons in Various Styles and Themes

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

In this article, we have gathered multiple sources for free icons that serve various purposes. Icons are by no means new but they have certainly taken on a new life due to the web and computers in general. They fit perfectly as not only do they clearly and simply represent a common visual language but they can also grab attention and create interest. Two birds with one stone. First, they cut down on heavy text and can be clickable. Second, they allow ease of navigation and provide an international language of communication.

However, this simplicity and clarity are not as easy to achieve as you think but luckily we’ve come up with a solution.

Below you will find well over 2000 icons for every occasion and topic. The icons are bundled into packages and are totally free to download. You can use them for your website, blog, poster, or brochure. The choice is vast, and the designs are great, so have a look around and select the best ones that fit your project.

70 Free Black and White Icons

We will start with these 70 icons. They are suitable for business and marketing-related projects. The icons are designed with a cool grey, solid look. However, since they are vectors, you could easily replace the color with one that would suit your brand more.

70 Free Social Media Icons

Here are four different styles but the same in concept bundles. The icons are Social media themed and are instantly recognizable to everyone.

200+ Free Business Vector Icons

These 3 bundles contain 40 outlined mono icons, 80 high-contrast icons, and 100 icons set separated into four categories in terms of style: outlined, silhouette, flat, and colored stroked.  This diverse collection is business themed and suitable for presentations, your website, and all sorts of business projects.


32 Free Digital Marketing Icons

Take a look at this small bundle of 32 icons. The theme is digital marketing, and you have plenty of options with these stylish and colorful designs. Each icon is labeled with its ideal function. However, the icons could fit other keywords as well.

64 Colorful Flat Circle Icons

This bundle sports brightly circle-colored icons that are universal in terms of use. They certainly stand out and attract attention. The white icons inside are clear and unmistakable. A nice way to brighten up your site.

250 Free Multipurpose Theme Icons

This set has a huge selection of vector icons, over 250 in all. They stand isolated without a box or circle but draw you in with a lovely mix of grey and turquoise/greens. Beautifully crafted.

100 Detailed Technology-Themed Icons

These brightly colored blocked circular buttons can’t fail but to grab your attention and the equally colorful icons inside provide clear but funky symbols.

200 Free Hand-Drawn Icons

If your website design requires something artsier, this set has it. This wide selection of sketched style icons is trendy and eye-grabbing. The icons themselves are awesomely designed and executed.

169 Free Linear Web Icons

A great set of light and airy icons that could work really well on your site. The thin linear style keeps the graphics crystal clear and would fit subtly onto most sites.

69 Free Vivid SVG Icons

Bold blue and pretty pink is an unusual combination but it works fantastically well. This set of 69 makes a statement with its funky simplicity and slightly retro feel.

100 Free eCommerce Icons

This enormous selection of eCommerce icons has something for everyone. The images are masterfully crafted, detailed colorful icons with shading, very modern and high-tech.

100+ Free Communication and Media Icons

Communication and media icons need to convey their purpose in an instant and this group of 100 free icons takes it to the limit. Bold, black, outlined with clear space and obvious functions. Direct but elegant.

100+ Free Document Icons

A very specialist theme, 100 document icons. This useful selection has a variety of document icons: blocked or outlined, blue or yellow each one is beautifully conventional but contains a little extra to make all the difference.

100+ Free Files Icons

This is a bundle of more than 100 free vector icons for files including Adobe ones. A huge variety on the same theme, these icons are made in various styles and colors in order to fit with your particular site theme and style.

168 Free InVision Custom Icons

If you need custom interfaced icons, and who doesn’t, here is the definitive collected. 168 completely free and downloadable icons in different styles.

100+ Minimalist Vector Icons

And finally more than 100 icons from telescopes to keys, from scales to magnifying glasses. All cool, all clear, all high-quality.


Final Words

In conclusion, all icon bundles are free for downloadable and use. There are different themes, styles, and colors, there is something for every format and most are compatible with the most popular design tools. This collection of free icons definitely has something for you, so why not benefit from the hard work and skills of their respective creators?

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