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Free Social Media Icons In Different Graphic Styles

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

You can add Social Media Icons to your website in order to connect and direct your subscribers and visitors to your social networking pages. This enormous rise in social media platforms logically demands to link everything in order to keep your audience engaged. You’ll see them on most sites and they’ve become instantly recognizable.

However, please keep in mind that these social media icons are protected by copyright law and a registered trademark so the respective companies have guidelines for usage that you need to follow. In short, you can’t paste them around willy nilly. But of course, these social platforms do want your links, as they are essential for promotion, increase traffic, and shared content.

In short, once you’ve checked out the rules, you are ready to go. In this article, we’ve handpicked a selection of resources that offer free downloadable social media icons. The packs come in different graphic styles to suit the design of your website or blog.

1. The cool blue gradient design of all your social media favorites.

They look very futuristic and high- tech.

Gradient social media icons collection

2. The artsy pack.

It’s a very imaginative take on the normal icons with the blotchy watercolor effect, both in color or black and white.

Modern watercolor social media logotype collection

3. The coffee stain Social Media set.

It’s a rather unique take with a roughly painted bordered outlines. Succeeds in drawing attention and still instantly recognizable.

Popular social media logo collection

5. The candy Social Media icons.

These are softly shaded baby purples and pinks, ideal for your calm site, allow a gentle fade.

Gradient social media logo collection

6. The Social Media buttons.

Squared icons with rounded corners, distinctive and solid but still friendly and inviting.

Social Media Icons Set Vector

7. The artistic chaos pack.

A very imaginative take on the traditional look with a simple thin black outline and off-centered colored shading.

Vector Social Media Logo Icon

8. The hive Social Media pack.

Lovely flat hexagonal designs that tessellate perfectly, so you could use them as a block.

Hexagonal Social Media Icon

9. The Neon set with a glowing bright strip.

The other one is more clean and traditional.

Neon Social Media Icons

Free Flat Social Media Set

10. The Simplicity set.

These icons have a stylish minimalist design and clear white outline.

iOS7 Style Social Media

12. Basic functional set and black outline simplistic pack.

Free Flat Social Media Icons (PNG & PSD)

Social Media Icons Sketch Resource

Final Words

This was my selection of free downloadable social media resources, presented in various graphic styles. These icons can add value to your site in terms of distinct style as well as gain traffic for your media profiles. Just remember the legal guidelines. Although they are trademarked and the holder choses exactly how it can be used, you can still implement them on your website if you follow those guides.

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