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Metal Business Card Ideas That Speak Luxury and Help the Environment

By Iveta Pavlova

4 years ago

Business cards are an inevitable part of the branding of every business. Since everyone has one, it’s normal to try to go a step further and have a business card that is more interesting, original, and memorable than everyone else’s. Nowadays, metal business cards are getting more and more popular for that reason. In addition, they also check out the tendency for businesses to go green and have a  positive impact on the environment. With that being said,  I’ve gathered some pretty eye-catching and memorable metal business card ideas to inspire you. So, let’s see what we’ve fished from the depths of the internet today.

Metal Cards that Use Laser Cut

An exciting and inspiring solution to create business card design is the laser cut method. These cards are not just a piece of metal. Designers provide a customized and unique approach to capture a clean, modern, and timeless style. While designing your business card, think of your firm’s values, mission, and vision and evaluate whether there is a need to invest in metal business cards or not.

Metal Card Ideas that Use Engraving

Engraved business cards are another option for you to consider while thinking of capturing customers’ attention. People usually get attracted to engraved metal business cards as it talks of professionalism and creativity of the firm. However, due to the concept of these cards, you may have very few details of your agency such as the name and the address only. In other words, always keep in mind that metal visiting cards are elegant in their way and do not need too much info on it.

Gold Looking Business Cards

Gold looking business cards speak for themselves. They illustrate the elegance and modern style of the business. Customers get attracted to such visiting cards as they find it luxury and elegant because of the gold looking style.

Bronze Metal Business Cards

Other interesting examples of great business card ideas is to add a bronze effect. It speaks luxury about your brand. That is the case when the business card will speak for itself indicating your brand identity. 

Other Cool Ideas

Depending on your business, you may want to create personalized and unique metal business cards. As an attractive substitute to paper visiting cards, metal cards are also a great way to let the public know that your company is environmentally friendly. In terms of durability, metal cards are also considered a great substitute because of their timeliness. 

Final Words

It is common knowledge how important business cards are for brand recognition. They bring class to your business. Metal business cards are much more than just a visiting card. As the first impression always matters, having a memorable business card is one of the most effective ways to create a positive impact. They are worth the investment as they have more unique features than most available paper credit cards. 

In the meantime, you could also have a look at these creative business cards that mimic the concept of their business via shapes, colors, and paper.

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