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60 Business Card Cartoon Examples of Pure Creative Awesomness

By Sandra Boicheva

3 years ago

Do you know what will always make a strong and lasting impression? Cartoons! That’s right, we all have the inner child that gets excited every time they view some cool colorful cartoons and there is no force in the universe that will convince me otherwise. With that being said, when it comes to personal branding or presenting your business, mascots and cartoon characters have a special place in the audience’s heart. If my math was correct, a fun business card cartoon will put a smile on everyone’s face and convert them into potential clients. 

With no further ado, let’s jump right in and enjoy a collection of 60 business card cartoon examples that I hand-picked with the sole purpose of making you smile. All these creative designs by creatives from all over the globe will surely inspire you and get you in the mood to craft your own cartoon business cards.

“Grown ups’ could learn a lesson from watching cartoons.”
― James Jean-Pierre

Business Card Cartoon Cool Fact #1:  Business Cards Don’t Have to be Boring

Although their main purpose is to contain your business information and contacts, they could also break the ice with some creativity and fun. A well-designed business card will always give a smile and receive compliments in return.

OH NOES! Business card concept by Trenchmaker.

Personal branding business card design by Seimi Oshiro.

Design for a personal branding business card autoportrait by Yang Ming.

Re-branding business card presentation by Maria Suarez Inclan.

Personal branding business card design by Shuyue Gong.

Brutus Barber Shop business card design by Javier ‘FOX’ Jara.

Personal branding business card design by Macks S.C. Lazo.

Personal presentation business card design by Katherine Williams.

Character Design Business Card Design by MeoMai.

Character Design – Star Painter business card by MeoMai.

Business Card Cartoon Cool Fact #2:  Cartoons Aren’t Unprofessional

Ultimately it depends on your target audience and the type of field you work in. But let’s face it, a layer or a financial expert would rarely click to read an article about business card cartoons in the first place. They want to appear more formal, corporate, and too serious since the field they work in requires security rather than creativity. However, this doesn’t mean that business card cartoons are unprofessional. Just the opposite. For creative industries, fields that work with children and commerce, cartoon business cards convey quirkiness, creativity, imagination, innovation, and thinking outside of the box. 

In most of these hand-picked examples, you’ll notice that the business cards belong to illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, barbers, game studios, pet shops, baby shops, food shops, and even teachers.

Business card design by Kalina Ilieva.

Personal Branding design for business card by Kalina Ilieva.

Boutit Bullies business card by Sharmin Nahar.

Cartoon business cards Etsy collection by Rahsham.

Grime Stopper business card by Muhammad Haseeb.

Personal branding business card by Nathália Lopes.

Bambina business card design by Ahcène Bouazza.

Cartoon tooth dentistry business card design by Sara Designer.

Smart Game business card design by Sara Designer.

Cute business card for Baby Bliss by Sabiqa Nasir.

Business Card Cartoon Cool Fact #3:  The Back is More Important than You Think

With business cards in general, if the back of the card has a color instead of being plain boring white, it gets 1000% less chance of not getting thrown away. For a creative cartoon business card, some designers take this approach a little further: they feature an illustration with the name on the front and the contacts on the back.

Wow! Rape Food From The Philippines business card design by MD Jahir.

Pastry Shop Business Card by Hellium Graphic.

The (dead but) famous business card concept by Aziza Lo.

Barbershop cartoon business cards by Macrovector.

Hand-drawn cute business card by Freepik.

English teacher for kids business card design by Aya Elwakeel.

Creature Coffee business card by Aleksandra Apaza.

Hello, Darling business card design by Aleksandra Apaza.

Cute puppy business card design by Tamanna Mim.

Cotton paper Etsy business card RustTimarian.

Kawaii style personal branding business card design by Pikisuperstar.

Business Card Cartoon Cool Fact #4: They have a direct impact on people’s impressions of your work

Most people equate a company or person with the quality of their cards. This means the type and quality of your cartoon as well as the material it was printed on will play a huge role in your presentation. According to a report from Statistic Brain Research Institute, 39% of people would choose not to do business with a company if they had a “cheap-looking” business card.

Handdrawn cartoon personal branding business card template design by BSGStudio.

Cute business card design by Freepik.

Floral business card design by AFD.

Cartoon card back illustration by Leila Haley.

Cartoon portrait business card design by AFD.

Business card design with a unicorn and holo effect by Zither Ena

Nature’s Fridge business card concepts by Rachel Burn.

Game artist business card action figure design by freelancer Vincent Venoir.

Personal square business card design variants by Kathleen Cartier.

Animal shelter business card design by Jawanza Johnson.

Business Card Cartoon Cool Fact #5: Be Responsible!

Aside from designing awesome cartoon business cards, consider using recycling materials to print them on. As many business cards will inevitably get thrown away, making sure your card is reusable gives out a positive image of your brand. This says that you are responsible and care about the environment. 

Live from Peace Frog’s Den business card by The Ability Studio.

Business card illustration by LJ Schmidt.

Back of a business card illustration by Ashley Vance.

Business card concept by Liz Perry.

Cute business card design by Aryana Lea.

Personal business card illustration by Nicole Goux.

Melissa Sung‘s personal cartoon business cards.

Vet business card with cute cartoon illustrations by Pikisuperstar.

Cartoon card design by Robel Ghebrezghi Michial.

Sunset Mystery business card 8-Bit concept by Ellen Utonium.

Personal branding business card kitty design by Koko Chono.

Business Card Cartoon Cool Fact #6: Go Wild with the Fonts

The three most commonly used types of fonts for printing business cards remain Arial, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.  For creative cartoon business card designs, however, go beyond the norm and choose something out of the box to suit your style. Why not a futuristic font if you represent the tech field? Of course, the basic rules for pairing and readability remain the same here as well.

You might want to check out the most popular free fonts or 2020s best free fonts for your designs.

Cartoon card for a flower shop by Freepik.

Business coach card design by Freepik.

Cute cartoon bird business card design by Freepik.

Hand-drawn business card concept by Freepik

Illustrator business card design by Freepik.

Cute cartoon illustrations and business card design by Freepik.

That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed these hand-picked business card cartoon examples. If there’s anything we could learn from this collection is that cartoons are amazing and leave a memorable impression. Depending on your business or personal project, you can too take advantage of the endless possibilities of cartoons and unleash your creative mind.

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