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Thank You Cards Selection: Show How Much Your Special People Mean To You

By Iveta Pavlova

2 years ago

Thank you cards are everywhere and for various reasons. Businesses often send such to their customers to show their appreciation. Although the primary goal of the thank you card is basically saying “thank you” to the recipient, its value goes way beyond that. From the business’s point of view, it shows how much they value the relationship the customer has with the organization. The more personalized you make the thank you card, the more excited and valued recipients would feel. The same goes for personal thank you cards you wish to send to your favorite people: friends who attend your baby shower, the mentor who inspired you through college, and so on. With that being said, let’s see some interesting and inspiring examples of how you can show your gratitude towards someone. 

Thank You Cards Gallery Overview

Wedding Cards

The wedding is one of the most special days of one’s life. By sending thank you cards to your guests you show how much you care and appreciate their presence. The card can be handmade as well as ordered online. You usually include the name of the recipient and write a short text of how much you are grateful for them being present on this special day.

If you get inspired and decide to design such a card for yourself, you might also need some neat ideas for classy wedding fonts.

Wedding Design goodies by Monika Evstatieva

Graduation, Education, Mentor Cards

Graduation from high school, college, or any other educational institution is the final and most exciting step in one stage of your education. You would certainly want to thank your teachers and mentors for helping you get through it. You may create a formal as well as funny thank you card for your teachers, saying how lucky you have coaches like them in your life. Think of how pleased they will be to see their work has paid off and that the students are genuinely grateful.

“Mady” Black + White Stripe Graduation Card by Digibuddha

Mentor Appreciation Quote Card by Zazzle

Our School is Lucky to Have You Card by Hallmark

Win or Lose Card for Coach by Hallmark

You Bring Out the Best Card for Coach bt Hallmark

Baby Shower Cards

Throwing a baby shower is one of the most exciting events for pregnant moms. For a baby shower cards, pick out the stationery that best suits your baby shower theme. Include a meaningful note to express your gratitude for the guests’ attendance and thoughtfulness. Typical wording examples for baby shower thank you card include “Thank you so much for being present on this special day. The baby and I feel very loved and happy!” or “I am so lucky to have a friend like you by my side. Thank you for helping me through this exciting time!”.

Boy Baby shower cards by CreativeLittleCloud Etsy

Vintage Prince Baby Shower by Zazzle

Green and Yellow Baby Notes by Hallmark

Vintage Baby Toys BlankNotes by Hallmark

Favor by DHgate

Blue/Pink Elephant Baby Shower Cards found on ebay

Other Cool Thank You Cards

There may be no particular reason for you to send thank you cards to the ones you are truly thankful for. It is a pleasant gesture to send a thank you card to a friend saying you are happy to have a friend like him/her. For that purpose, customized and handmade cards are the most suitable ones.

Another exciting idea for a thank you card can be an appreciation quote like “Gratitude is a smile in the heart.” You may send this to your friends, family, or colleagues to surprise them.

Thank You by Hallmark

Gratitude Is a Smile in the Heart Card by Hallmark

Pet Caregiver Thank You Card by Hallmark

You may also think of creative and funny ways of thank you cards. For example, there can be an icon of a gold bar with a saying, “Thanks a million.”

Awesome Sauce Thank You Card by Paper Source

Gold Foil Pindot Thank You Card by Paper Source


Thank You Typography by Paper Source


Merci by Paper Source

Final Words

In conclusion, saying thank you to your surroundings is a little but meaningful gesture. You can give a thank you card to your guests on events such as birthdays, weddings, or baby showers, or surprise your loved ones on any day for no specific reason. If you own a business and send a thank you card to your customers, it will show your loyalty and care towards the relationship customers have with the organization. If you send thank you letters to your wedding guests, it will show how happy you are and how much you value their attendance on this special day.