The 8 Best Email Builders for Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2022

By Jivko Vasilev

2 years ago

Creating your email is an important step in your marketing efforts. Email is one of the biggest channels for reaching your customers and the levels of personalization you can have with email are way better than any other channel.

Email marketing is only set to grow in the years to come. In 2019 there were 3.9 billion users worldwide and this number is set 4.3 billion by 2023 (Email Marketing Statistics Report). That’s half the population of the entire world.

To increase the power of email, you need a reliable and responsive email creator to design attractive plus professional-looking emails. So that you can grab customers’ attention towards your email.

So let’s take a look at our favorite email builders that you should be using in 2022.


1. Moosend

Moosend is a relatively new competitor in the email market space. Their catchy brand made a name for itself by providing a great solution for agencies who want to build powerful emails campaigns.

With Moosend, you get to develop fully responsive emails and make them mobile-ready. It provides reports and analytics features to analyze progress from time to time.


2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the oldest and most recognizable email builders out there. With its large library of learning materials, any beginner will be able to quickly learn the platform and the email builder relatively fast.

As it is one of the most used email builders you are sure to find lots of tutorials for the builder online just in case you need any additional help.

The provider offers a wide integration with pretty much every marketing tool in the market. You can be sure that whatever back-end you’ve set up for your marketing campaigns Mailchimp will integrate with it.


3. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most recognizable names in marketing technology as a whole. Their vast majority of marketing solutions include an email builder with one of the simplest email drag and drop builders out there.

There are also dozens of free ready-to-use templates that you can use or edit so that you’re not starting your marketing efforts from scratch. Hubspot also claims all of its templates are tested and guarantee conversions right out of the gate.

If you want to optimize your email campaigns even more you can set up A/B tests directly in the Hubspot platform.


4. Mailbakery

Mailbakery takes a different approach to building emails. Instead of providing an email builder, they build custom-designed emails for use in marketing campaigns.

If you prefer a fully managed email building experience then it is definitely worth it to check them out. Since they will design your emails for you, you don’t have to worry about the design and at the same time, you can get full freedom in the design you want.

Their extensive optimization and QA will assure that your email looks good on all displays and email platforms (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).


5. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is one of the oldest email builder and email campaign management tools. Although it’s not as famous as Mailchimp or Hubspot it doesn’t provide fewer features.

Its fully integrated drag-and-drop builder allows users to create great emails that are fully optimized for mobile use.

If you’ve already tried other mail builders and haven’t found what you’re looking for then you should definitely give Sendinblue a try. You may even find it to be the most cost-effective solution depending on your needs.


6. Stripo

Stripo is one of the best email builders if you are on a budget. Unlike all of the services, we’ve featured so far Stripo is only an email builder. You can use it to build your email templates and then easily import them to your email provider.

The email drag-and-drop builder allows you full freedom over design. The service also provides its own email templates. You can also create your own library of design elements allowing you to quickly reuse visual elements like headers, footers, signatures, and CTA buttons.

The tool also features extensive tools for testing your emails so that you can ensure that your templates look great on every device and resolution.


7. Chamaileon

Chameileon is one of the only email builders that features an extensive set of image editing capabilities. 

Unlike other email builders where you are expected to find and edit your images before you insert them into your email template, Chameileon offers integration with stock image provider Pexels. This means that you can directly search and edit images before placing them in your email template.

Editing and finding images can take a huge portion of your time so these features are essential for any marketer that relies on image-heavy emails.


8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is another well-known all-in-one email solution for marketers. What makes it great is the simplicity of the builder. If you are new to creating email templates ActiveCampaign is a great place to start.

Despite its simple design and interface ActiveCampaign has an abundance of features that will ensure that you can build any email design you’d like. One of the features that sets it apart from the competition is the ability to collaborate on email designs and see exactly what changes were made by each team member.

If you need an email builder that is optimized for teams and has a big feature set ActiveCampaign might be your best option.



With this list, you will be able to make the best choice when picking out an email builder for your company and for your team. Whether you are looking for a tool to simply design templates or you want a fully-featured email marketing platform that can seamlessly integrate with your CRM you can’t go wrong with any of these.