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30 Great Email Blast Examples That Blast It Right

By Sandra Boicheva

3 years ago

There’s a huge misconception about email blasts being viewed negatively as spam. In fact, there are many cases where broadcasts are not only appropriate but also necessary. In this article, I will talk about email blasts, when to use them and, of course, give you 30 real-life and conceptual email blast examples. Ready?

Email Blast Examples: Overview

What is an Email Blast?

An email blast is a mass email newsletter that you send to a group of customers at once. Unlike email campaigns, email blasts aren’t part of a complete marketing strategy. They don’t involve research on past behaviors and the preferences of the recipients. Instead, they are broadcasts emails that you use to promote new content to your entire list or a big portion of it.

One main characteristic of email blasts is that the focus is on you and your business. In contrast, when you plan marketing email campaigns, you focus solely on your customer’s needs, therefore you hand-pick the recipients based on demographics, interests, and past behaviors.

It’s important to note, that e-blasts are not spam. This is a huge misconception due to which many marketers avoid the term and often refer to their email blasts as email campaigns. Although email blasts aren’t a part of a full marketing campaign, they are not random. In fact, they still aim to give readers valuable information, insights, and news. So let’s get more specific.

✔️ What Email Blasts Are

These are newsletters that aim to provide users with quick information. This includes information about:

  • Upcoming updates
  • Events
  • Contests
  • Special discounts
  • News about urgent issues
  • Milestones, etc. 

❌ What Email Blasts AREN’T

All kinds of automated emails, based on the user’s behavior and data. This includes:

  • Thank you letters
  • Abandoned card notifications
  • Successful purchase notifications
  • Receipts
  • Birthday appreciation emails
  • Any content, based on subscription (new articles from a blog you’re subscribed to), etc.

Example of an e-blast informing the userbase about upcoming updates.

Example of e-blast promoting a deal

When to use Email Blasts?

The most appropriate instance to send an e-blast is when there’s a global issue that you need to report to your user base. For example, there’s a security breach in the user database and you immediately need to inform your users and suggest an action. The same goes for announcing updates.

Another good example is damage control newsletters where you either need to share your perspective, apologies, stance, or offer compensations to your entire user base. This is appropriate if your business has recently gone viral for controversy, there was a case of mass dissatisfaction with your services, or wish to debunk rumors.

Of course, sending email blasts is also appropriate in cases where you wish to give your support to an event, take a side in a social issue, and more.

Amongst other instances, email blasts are a good tactic to announce big sales, discounts, events, or creating a contest.

And, of course, it’s appropriate to send an email blast related to the field of your business articles to encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog.

Real-Life Email Blast Examples

With the theory out of the way, let’s take a look at some great email blast examples in real life that my colleague and I have received during the last months. We actually took our time to read and inspect them and even decided to keep some as design inspirations.

1. Campaign Guidance Email Blast

Our first sample is a business-to-business email blast example by Pinterest with an attractive clean design and only one CTA. The newsletter targets a large segment of marketers, small businesses, and bloggers.

2. New Feature Email Blast

Beautiful email blast example of notifying users of a new feature by Crello.

3. Kickstarted Campaign Email Blast

This is a broadcast email for an ongoing Kickstarter campaign and great sales at Dog Might Games.

4. Fresh Deal Email Blast

A good email marketing blast example by Grammarly to persuade free users to upgrade to Premium.

5. Event Campaign Email Blast

This next example for email blasts is an event invitation by Mimaki Global.

6. Limited Offer Email Blast

Example of constant contact email blast for limited offers on templates by Motion Array.

7. Company News Email Blast

This company email blast example notifies its reader of Maxon and Read Giant merging and consolidating channels.

8. New Expansion Email Blast

As expected from CDPR, this New GWENT expansion newsletter has a very creative and appealing design. It’s one of the most effective email blast examples.

9. E-Blast for Promoting a Blog

This is a blog email blast example by Freepik that aims to persuade users to subscribe and automatically receive post updates.

10. New Features

A very simple yet effective email by Adobe promoting XD.

11. Limited Time Only Offer

An example of a 50% off sale email blast for an upgrade by TechSmith for Camtasia.

12. Insights, Promo, and Event

The marketing automation platform Klaviyo with an email blast for a new product for email marketing.

13. Discover a Feature Newsletter

Here’s a new feature broadcast email for the new iStock video Editor with a clean and attractive design.

14. Weekly Event Email Blast

An email blast by POND5 stock videos with inspiring collections for users to check out.

15. Platform Recommendations Newsletter

IMDB is a popular platform that has the biggest database for movies, TV shows, and celebrity content with a rating system. And this is an email blast with the platform’s chosen recommendations for movies.

16. Limited Time Offer

An email blast from the New York Times with a limited-time offer for unlimited subscriptions for digital issues.

17. Payday Sale Last Call Newsletter

Last call payday sale offer for users by Photobook.

18. Recommendation and Sale Newsletter

Here’s another movie recommendation email blast by Paramount.

19. Blog Subscription Invitation

This is a newsletter with insightful articles by Trello that aims for users to subscribe to their blog for more related materials.

20. Exciting News and Features

This broadcast email aims to notify users about exciting news, updates, and new features for LiveChat.

21. Tips and Insights Newsletter

Dribbble is a very popular platform amongst designers and this is an example of an email blast with insights, recommendations, and sponsored content.

22. Hot Summer Sale Newsletter

Pixelbuddha is another very popular database for free and premium design resources and this is aimed at all visitors to consider subscribing to premium perks with a huge discount.

Inspirational Email Blast Concepts

For this section, I have gathered a few amazing designs that can serve as e-blast examples. The designs are concepts so they might or might not have been used in real campaigns.

23. Great Sales Email Blast Concept

The first concept comes from Jan Morris, who designed a sale event newsletter for ICE.

24. Seasonal Event Email Blast

Year Round’s farmer market event promotion concept for email by Michael Mitchell.

25. Festival Promotion

Here we have a set of very fresh colorful festival email blast examples by Luana Siqueira.

26. Sports Event Email Blast

Four concepts for sport event newsletters by Breno Madureira.

27. Promotion Newsletter

A sales promotion for Apple Watch by Muiz Ranak.

28. Company

Here’s an entire set of company email blast examples by Emma Jane.

29. Avon Fashion and MakeUp

Amazingly designer brochures and promotions of new Avon products by Janaina Souza.

30. New Arrivals Email Blast

And for the last example, I really liked this Mailchimp email blast concept by Sohel Khanfor its simple classy bright design.

That’s it!

You’ve reached the end of this small guide. All with inspirational real-life and conceptual email blast examples.  I hope you enjoyed the beautiful designs and got inspired for your next quick campaign.

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