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15 Black and Orange Website Designs to Fire You Up

By Tereza Petrova

1 year ago

A black and orange website design – why not? Turns out, black and orange make a perfect couple together. Today, we will show you 15 amazing examples of black and orange website designs that took on this challenge to make an extraordinary design out of a limited color scheme.

As you will see later on, some designers were completely strict by using only black and orange, while others added white, grey, and even blue to the mix. And then, there were still others that went completely crazy on the creativity stage and mixed things up with even more styles and colors.

But why is this combination so attractive anyway? Orange and black are classic colors that greatly complement each other. While black is neutral and represents the dark, orange symbolizes youth, vigor, and lightness.

The black-and-orange color palette can help you highlight key points in your design easily and beautifully and even create the desired atmosphere. Dive into these black and orange website ideas and create a perfect black and orange website yourself!


This website is all about the black-and-orange color combination in all its shades and nuances. The beautifully illustrated design fully corresponds to the essentials of FireWatch. The website looks exactly like a storytelling page, and the colors leave the feeling that the tale starts at dawn.


As their header says “Creativity works” – yes, it truly does. Using contrasting colors in web design is a very good and winning strategy. But Clique here… Well, they did dive deep into creativity. With all the contrasting colors involved besides orange, textures, gradients, details, animations, and so on, “Clique” has managed to create a very modern website. Yet, it has a simple and user-friendly interface.


“Jason Pontin” has a very impressive and unique design to show us. It is a black-and-orange website indeed but the orange is more like a hot-red-orange nuance. Not only the color is custom but we see a custom cursor, as well. The design is bold and bright and keeps the customer’s attention.


A minimalist black and orange website that has taken its choice of an orange to the yellow-orange part of the spectrum. And while we see a mashup of styles here – gradients, line art typography, flat style details, pencil illustrations, a 3D pie chart, and so on, they are all united by the same concept of a yellow-orange nuance


The portfolio website we see here is one of the most fascinating examples of black and orange websites. It includes a lot of game-like animations. The whole feeling while browsing is like being in a game, which is good because it makes the visitor keep scrolling. And the color contrast, achieved by all nuances of orange, has a great impact on the whole effect.


This brand’s business has nothing to do with vodka. They are designers and the website they have is very impressive, as well as their work as a whole. The demonstrated self-mockery and sarcasm are perfectly complemented by the noisy dark background and bright orange text that seeks attention. Pretty impressive, right? 


Coinflect’s website is perfectly designed to correspond to their business. The animation, in the beginning, is fascinating. Their web design was built in black and white. The orange is used sparsely, mainly to highlight details and create a greater effect.


The color melt here is a great example of a beautiful black and orange website that leaves a nice warm feeling. Although the combination of black and orange itself is pretty screaming, the soft gradients used in this web design manage to create a relaxing atmosphere – really welcoming for the visitor. 


This website design promises a great customer experience from the very first glance. It feels and looks as luxurious as the product itself. The background is all black complemented with amber-orange ornaments as you scroll down the site, creating an atmosphere of a premium, exclusive, high-class service, with a bit of a mystery added to the mix. 


When you put your bets on a bright, almost neon orange nuance of color, then you’d better make sure to balance it with the rest of the design. That’s exactly what the guys from Idea Rocket did – a well-balanced web design, harmonizing all elements to achieve a nice symbiosis of orange, black, white, and blue. Add skillful line art here and there, and there you have it –  an end result that pleases the eye with ease. 


This is one of the best examples of black and orange websites, which is truly devoted to this color palette. With sections of white, black, and orange, taking turns to fill the background, we should be thankful the designers opted for simple, flat line-art illustrations and animations that just seamlessly blend into the overall idea. 


This website has done a great job to impress visitors. The fast-motion intro animation creates the feeling of entering a whole new exciting world. As we scroll down the design, we see a skillful use of the black-orange-blue color combination in the form of duotone photo effects, hover effects, and even cursor effects.

With blue and orange being on the opposite sides of the color wheel, this color combo is one of the most preferred among designers. 


This a great example of a nice and clean web design that actually pursues more of a white-and-orange color palette rather than black and orange. In any case, black is present, as well, and the orange here is just a tool to make the final design more catchy and lively


When you opt for a bright orange color to represent your brand, you can’t really experiment by adding another strong color, as it may cause confusion. The psychology behind colors allow us to set the tone of our brand and establish the way our potential clients perceive us. By using bright orange, this brand conveys energy and optimism. And the black and white, well – they excellently balance the overall design. 


What better way to finish this selection of black and orange website designs than showing you a company whose brand name is literally BlackOrange? It would be surprising and kind of confusing if they went on a different route. Well, luckily they embraced the idea behind their brand name and created a web design that fully corresponds. No need to explain further, we guess.


If you are truly considering creating a design in the black-and-orange color palette, then you must know that this color combination can be a powerful tool to fascinate and appeal. These two colors not only work well together but they provide a field for creativity that can take you places. 

We hope that these 15 examples inspired you to give this color combo a chance and dive into the opportunities that it provides. In the meantime, why don’t you take a look at the related articles to get some more inspiration or grab a couple of freebies?

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