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22 Ultra-Inspiring Coaching Website Design Examples

By Ludmil Enchev

5 months ago

With the huge competition between coaching services a successful coach website should instantly catch the eye and explain what services and courses you offer while building trust and showing proudly your experience, skills, and expertise. Let’s look at 22 great examples of successful coach website designs on different themes – life coaching, business coaching, fitness coaching, and more. 

1. Elementor.atOutdoor, Fitness, and Swimming Coach

This adventurer mentor offers swimming, fitness, and outdoor coaching, presenting his courses with a focus on visuals – beautiful images with parallax effects, and a gallery for each course to help you understand what the course looks like.

2. Esther Perel – Relationships Coach

Esther Perel is a relationship expert offering different types of content on her clean minimalist website. With her extensive experience and passion, her site packs a wide range of useful resources, including podcasts, books, courses, clinical training, and more. All are categorized and structured with great user experience.

3. Body by Emily – Fitness Coach

Emily Samuel is an experienced fitness coach with a modern coaching website that explains what she can do for you instantly. The coaching site is focused on a young audience and offers E-books, a mobile App, and an online shop

4. Nora DeKeyser – Coaching for Leaders

Nora DeKeyser is a successful leader coaching, who knows how to make a great first impression! The website instantly grabs the attention with the three smiling girls on the top, showing you different mentions in worldwide media right after to prove credibility, followed by her services, explaining who she is, and positive feedback – all that in a simple one-page design that gives you all the information you need.

5. Alyse Parker – Self-Pace Coach

In a world where social media plays a huge part in our lives, Alyse Parker is a young girl using social media to reach a wide audience and build a self-paced & wellness coaching career. The approach here is brilliant – fresh tones & modern minimalist design that is focused exactly on her audience and what they are looking for.

6. Eva Redpath – Wellness Coach

The next cool example of a successful coaching website is by the wellness coach Eva Redpath. She uses her site to inspire the visitor showing you can change things your life. The video at the beginning is the perfect example of that, followed by many sections below.

7. Rebecca Lynn Pope – The Coaches’ Coach

Rebecca Lynn Pope is a successful woman who can coach you how to be a coach. Her website is an awesome example of how to build trust in visitors in seconds.

8. Coach Jay Garcia – Personal Trainer

Jay Garcia – a skillful fitness trainer and his team of sports coaches managed to create an amazing website that simply describes their services, provides details about results and training, and offers different options for different needs.

9. Erika Odlaug – Mind-Body Wellness Coaching

Erika Odlaug crafted a modern minimalist website that describes all her different programs and workouts easy to understand and navigate – a great user experience with straightforward structure. 

10. Darin Starr – Online Coaching

Darin Starr and all his online coaching services and resources are presented, packed, and grouped perfectly on his website. Another cool idea integrated into his site is the before and after examples from his clients, proving his work is effective.

11. Stacy Lelinowski – Fitness Trainer

An online training website by Stacy Lelinowski that catches the eye with her subscription programs available for online access. Also, a nice idea to convince potential clients to take action is the 10-way free trial.

12. Activ Balance – In-Personal Coaching

Activ Balance is another brilliant example of a coaching website working with subscription plans. The site focuses on the program itself, the methods, and the results, explaining why and how it works, and giving you different benefits and examples to inspire you.

13. Alexandra “BahaYogi” Kaufmann – Yoga Coach

A professional yoga coach uses her website to help her audience see her schedule and learn about her upcoming classes. Her homepage starts with an inspirational video that grabs the attention. Alexandra Kaufmann also reaches a younger audience and promotes her Instagram classes on the website for easy access. About me page is a great example of how to present yourself – starting with a video to meet her, followed by images of magazines and media she is included in.

14. Madison Arnholt – Intuitive Life Coaching

Madison Arnholt is focused on life coaching and her charming smile on the homepage proves it! Her concept relies on her meditation app where her coaching platform is – the perfect way to reach her young audience. The website explains each program super precise with an overview, what’s included, what it’s like to work with me, FAQ, and feedback from previous participants, so you can find answers to every question you have.

15. Grace Brodeur – Productivity Coach

Grace Brodeur’s successful coaching website is her way to reach a new audience with the blog she writes and the interesting case studies she shares. Her expertise and experience help her write great articles for time management and productivity. The case studies she shares are awesome examples of her work and a great way to prove her efficiency.

16. Kelly Keelan – Weight Loss Coach

Kelly Keelan on the other hand has built an incredibly useful vlog with over 50 topics covered that drive her potential clients. Her website is crafted with a modern and elegant design, with a simple structure without needless elements and sections nobody would read.

17. Gabbie BernsteinSpiritual Coach

Gabbie Bernstein, a bestselling author and acclaimed speaker, is committed to nurturing profound spiritual connections in daily life. Her coaching website serves as a prime example of impactful content creation and community development. Engaging in live events and transformative programs, Gabby has ignited a global movement.

18. Brene Brown – Self-Improvement Coach

This is the personal website of Brene Brown, a distinguished author with five #1 New York Times bestsellers and known for her popular TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability”. Brown’s website uniquely incorporates charming paper tears, reflecting her authorial identity. Designed for optimal functionality, the site ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, effortlessly guiding visitors to their desired destinations. This is a must for a website to have podcasts, books, blog articles, and many more resources to access.

19. 21 MinutesFitness & Health Coaches

Nina and Pablo’s sleek interactive website offers a quick quiz for personalized engagement and details the transformative process, guiding users to fitness aspirations. Their program and features are simply explained with visualizations and easy-to-read text without complicated terms.

20. Matthew Kimberley – Business Owners Coach

Matthew Kimberley, a classy business coach, prioritizes sales growth for small business owners. His website exemplifies leadership positioning, showcasing his passion for entrepreneurship. The dark imagery with elegant fonts and gold-like color accents convey luxury, while testimonials from industry leaders emphasize the value of Matthew’s coaching programs, assuring visitors of the worthiness of their investment.

21. Tony Robbins – Business Strategy Coach

Tony Robbins, a renowned life and business strategist, is a bestselling author and philanthropist whose transformative work has touched 50 million people in 100 countries. From advising presidents to guiding celebrities, his impact is limitless. The website prominently displays contact info, upcoming events, success stories, and a user-friendly menu for easy navigation, contributing to a visually cohesive web experience.

22. Art of FinanceFinancial Coaching & Planning

The Art of Finance offers financial and planning coaching. They provide comprehensive services to help optimize investments. Their training website design is super fresh and colorful. They provide useful well-structured information about services and pricing, as well as free consultation option to lead new clients.  The great blog they are running is another tunnel to find potential clients.


Let’s Wrap It Up!

As we mentioned in the beginning, making a regular site with all the competition is not enough – you have to know your audience and potential clients and a way to reach them and impress them. More than that, you have to offer them what others are not – free resource, trial, or different examples and certificates to convince them to give you a try.

We hope you’ve found ideas and inspiration for your coaching website – now it’s time to develop it and grow it. And to empower you with even more inspiration, here are some more articles you may like: