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Free Floral Vector Graphics That Will Add Flavour To Your Designs

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

Floral design is currently everywhere and it isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, most designers think that it’s a growing trend that covers all areas of design. Web design is a particular area that, especially in the last few years, has seen a surge in this themed concept. We’ve seen it on websites, blogs, and social media. It’s also great for posters, banners, and more. This is why, in today’s resource article, I’ve selected 25 collections with dozens of free floral vector graphics, ready to download and use.

This editable collection gives you the opportunity to get on board mother nature’s ride and create something imaginative and striking for your project. So let’s get creative with these floral picks.

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Free Floral Vector Graphics of Flowers
Free Floral Vector Graphics of Trees
Floral Vector Backgrounds
Floral Pattern Graphics

Free Floral Vector Graphics of Flowers

1. Set of Free Vector Floral Elements

The first vector is a beautifully elegant selection of ink-drawn calligraphic style vectors. The carefully crafted curves and line weight adds dynamics and variation. It’s a black and white design that could be a perfect background on a business card or wedding invitation, and also is flexible enough for other options.

2. Free Colorful Flower Illustrations

Let’s add a bit of color now. These vectors have a flat design in soft natural color combinations as well as a sense of calm beauty with lots of space. Each element is separated to make editing easier.

3. Set of Free Vector Realistic Roses

A lovely background vector design that uses individual elements of flowers in full bloom, with buds, berries, and leaves.

4. Free Vector Silhouettes of Flowers

A small group of four distinctive art nouveau vector creations to give your design a renaissance feel. Single-color, simplified design with the typical curls and swirls of that era. Creates an atmosphere.

5. Free Bouquet of Flowers Set

Four free tulip bouquets in red, yellow, and pink. Simple effective vector illustration with a slightly shaded petal.


Free Floral Vector Graphics of Trees

6. Free Tree Illustrations and Silhouettes

Our first set of vector trees is a group of four great cartoon trees in three different options. Realistic color, green silhouette, and black silhouette. Gives you lots to experiment with.

7. Cute Free Flat Trees Set

An 8 choice free vector set of cartoon flat images of consistent design. Best used in a large group to show off the slight color/style variations.

8. Cartoon-Style Trees in Top View

By taking an alternative viewpoint, these vectors are attention-grabbing straight away. The bird’s eye view is a clever option and the organic forms and shading make these a fine choice.

9. Free Realistic Traced Tree Objects

An awesome set of incredibly realistic, almost photo-quality, vectors of big trees. This set has 20 dominant real-toned elements.

10. Abstract Colorful Tree Illustrations

The final group takes the cartoon theme one step further with beautiful surreally shaped and abstract elements.


Floral Vector Backgrounds

Backgrounds are an area of design that people are putting more and more thought into. It’s the base of the theme and adds to the main flow. Floral background can be particularly effective for this reason, and vectors are perfectly suitable, as they can serve equally well when enlarged to a whole background, or shrunk to fit smaller areas.

11. Cute Free Spring Background with Flowers

The first background has a soft watercolor design made for a Spring theme. Its delicate pinks and greens are fresh and tender.

12. Free Abstract Watercolor Flowers Background

This watercolor background leaves space in the center. The flowers only take up top left and bottom right, perfect for a poster or business cards.

13. Free Spring Flowers Illustration Background

This background emerges from top right and bottom left with diagonal space left for the logo and content.

14. Vintage Style Floral Background

Next one is a classically vintage two-tone beige background with complicated lines in Nouveau style made with great precision and detail. A floral theme rather than flowers, the curvaceous shapes create the style.

15. Colorful Abstract Floral Background

Free spring floral background with graphic iconized flowers and leaves curving around.

16. Free Flowers Background on Paper

A background with a right and left vertical side flower arrangements allowing a huge central column for the content.

17. Green and Pink Background with Flowers

This vector background has flowers growing from the bottom left as if exploding from a bottle of pink champagne. It’s even accompanied by bubbles. Dynamic and different.

18. Free Cartoon Flat Flowers Background

A pastel dark green background furnished with two bands of flowers growing from the page bottom.

19. Modern Vector Background with Flower Illustrations

The next vector sports a full-bordered background with a deep green scheme. Bright blue, red, and yellow abstract blooms and leaves are close to the center.

20. Modern Free Neon Colorful Flowers Background

The last background is a lush and rich tropical vector that covers the whole space with huge waxy beautifully gradient leaves and pink blooms. Such a busy background needs a bright logo or title planted on top.


Floral Pattern Graphics

Floral patterns can be used as backgrounds for entire web pages to bring atmosphere.

21. Beautiful Free Flat Patterns with Flowers

This vector of three colorful pieces of wallpapers has deeper, richer colors and a repeated pattern effect typical of the ever-fashionable vintage design trend.

22. Colorful Flowers Background Set

23. Set of 4 Trippy Purple Flower Patterns

This vector has four variations of sketched patterns in purple and green. The block shading and the additional yellow create an overgrown effect with tiny flickers of a deep black background peering through.

24. Free Modern Colorful Vector Flower Patterns

The fern pattern here comes in four variations in terms of color.

25. Set of 6 Floral Pattern Backgrounds

And the last pattern offers a mix of retro floral sets that reminds me of 60s dresses or 70 shirts. It could be equally good as a background theme that would definitely get you noticed.


Final Words

In conclusion, floral themes create an instant impact and effect. Flowers and illustrations of nature can add a soft, elegant, organic quality, and make your designs incredibly personal. These elements add elegance and tenderness to design and could help you emphasize your taste and style. There is no limit for the creativity of what you could do with floral shapes, colors, and compositions. And vector illustrations are perfect, as you can resize with picture-perfect quality, from a tiny detailed miniature petal to a vast jungle scene.

I hope you enjoyed these free floral vector graphics and found the perfect pieces for your personal projects. In the meantime, you could check out more free resources and galleries that might help you out in your next design.

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