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20 Free Timeline Infographics to Visualize Your Data

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

Timelines Infographics aim to represent events in chronological order. Like all infographics, timelines are a great way of representing large amounts of information in a clear and simple manner. In addition, they also make it interesting and visually appealing. Their ideal use is in presentations and websites due to the double effect of getting the info across and looking great while doing it. So this is why, in today’s article, I’ve gathered a lovely collection of free timeline infographics. The templates are customizable, as usual, and come in layered files so you could easily adapt them to your projects.


Free Timeline Infographics with Icons

Let’s start with a group of timelines that are very common and use vector icons to guide you along the time. These icons are used to categorize information. Since the symbols are easy to instantly recognize, the data also looks clear. The variety of examples includes icons alongside dates, text boxes, and icons. You can still customize them further to match your overall design and at the same time keep everything neat and organized.

Colorful infographics timeline flat design

Free timeline infographic with yellow elements and outline icons

Modern timeline infographic concept with silhouette colorful icons


Retro timeline infographic with icons

Gradient timeline infographic with numbers


Timeline infographic template

Infographic timeline marketing charts periodic plan


Free timeline Infographics in Hand-drawn Style

You can give your timeline the effect of a hand-made sketch. This free template example has an artsy quirky look and uses doodled images. The trendy and off-centered coloring completes the rough effect.

Free Timeline infographic hand-drawn style


Timelines That Use Color As Indicator


Color can be used to either draw attention to a certain element of the graphic or to divide sections. It can emphasize breaks, periods of time, or differentiate segments. You can vary the colors to fit your theme, while also breaking the line up perhaps into years or decades. And obviously color works alongside the other effects such as icons and images to create an appealing work. The free timeline infographics below give you lots of freedom to customize and rearrange.

Gradient timeline infographic

Free Timeline gradient infographic

Free gradient infographic timeline design


Infographic timeline template flat design

Flat design colorful timeline infographic

Free Timeline Infographics with Gradients

Slightly different use of color is to graduate the flow of color, as time gradually flows. This shows in the following two examples. The first has a gradient spectrum, while the second one uses a single color with graduated shading.

Timeline infographic in gradient

Free colorful gradient timeline infographic template


Timelines with Roads

A road image is often a metaphor designers use in timelines. After all, it’s your journey, from start to finish.
Below are a couple of free templates that let you drive your imagination in that direction. The first is a lovely flowing, undulating road representing the ups and downs. The second goes to town with the road theme and adds some cool flat icons alongside the trip.

Free timeline concept with winding road

Winding Road Infographic Template


Timelines with Timearrows

Another popular theme that finds a place in timelines is the use of arrows and pointers. This creates the idea of forwarding movement and dynamism. Below are two very different templates for you to try out. The first builds itself like an arrow, while the second one incorporates arrows into the line. Both are very effective.

Free Arrow style timeline infographic

Marketing timeline infographic charts template


Classic Timeline Infographics

Furthermore, you could illustrate information in a classic timeline. This template gives you the opportunity to use many of the tools in the infographic box. The timeline here is a focal point where the events are illustrated by other types of infographics such as bar charts, line graphs, and maps. This allows the compression of huge amounts of info.

Timeline infographic flat flowchart decoration

Final Words

In conclusion, as with all infographic types, you can get really creative with your timelines. Instead of building from scratch, however, you can easily download a customizable template and adapt it to your projects.

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