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18 Inspiring Restaurant Logos That Whet The Appetite

By Ludmil Enchev

1 month ago

In today’s world, where there are a variety of restaurants competing with each other everywhere, restaurant logos serve as greeters attracting the clientele. A well-crafted logo not only catches the eye but leaves a lasting impression and promises a delicious experience.

In this article, we will discover the tastes of the restaurant logos world, uncovering the recipe for success. Let’s start!

1. Lolo’s Sea Seafood Restaurant

This seafood restaurant logo example is so stylish! The deep petroleum blue background makes the golden sunny logo elements pop out. The logo icon resembles sea waves with the business’ initials smoothly integrated on top of them. But what makes a memorable impression is the letters’ design, which mimics the waveform and makes the whole design complete.


2. Buns & Guns Burgers

This burger place has it all – a catchy name and a catchy logo. The custom lettering design looks playful and resonates with the business’ name. The background color, this mix of yellow and orange, brings a sense of happiness, warmth, sociability, and success. These associations, along with the burger icon lure potential customers into trying their specialties.


3. Dowler’s Barbeque

Straightforwardness is what makes this design so special, for it is expressed in a well-crafted and creative way. It clearly is a logo for a barbecue place, and features all elements essential for this task, like the fire in the back and the grill grate. The worn-out design of the name letters and the way the word “Barbecue” is positioned like a skewer finish smoothly the design.


4. American Pasta Restaurant

This is the logo of the American Pasta Restaurant, a place offering authentic American-Italian recipes. It is playful and plain, expressing the restaurant’s love and passion for pasta. The form of the letters in the word “PaSTa”, which seem like cooked and twisted spaghetti, is the detail that makes this logo so great!


5. Little Caesars

Little Caesars is one of the leading American pizza restaurant chains worldwide. Their logo features a caricature of Caesar in an orange tunic, eating an orange slice of pizza, impaled on his spear. And, another thing that this design also impresses with is the name of the company – bold, black, elegant, and depicted in an old-style serif typeface.


6. The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is an American restaurant chain known for offering a wide variety of cheesecakes and, overall, an extensive menu. Its logo has such a classic look! The stylized letters, written in cursive, seem like coming from a fairytale and hint at tradition and elegance, while also providing a sense of warmth and friendliness.


7. Habib’s

Habib’s is one of Brazil’s biggest home-grown restaurant chains and what is so curious is that it serves Middle Eastern cuisine. The cartoon icon depicts a happy man whose face expresses satisfaction and confidence in the quality of the food and services he offers. Illustrating the apostrophe as a moon references the Middle Eastern culture, for which the moon bears deep symbolism.


8. Whataburger

Whataburger is an American restaurant chain, specializing in hamburgers and French fries. Its current logo hasn’t been changed since 1973 when following a design contest, they chose artist Will Clay’s “Flying W”. The design evokes feelings of dynamics and passion, while the typeface brings an association of a friendly and hospitable place.


9. Foodie

This one is only an example of a logo for a restaurant business, but it also manages to convey a powerful message. The color combination provides just enough contrast and a feeling of happiness, warmth, and fun. The simple sans-serif logotype leaves the focus on the mouth, which is licked with appetite and even has droplets coming out from the delicious food, which says it all.


10. Cakes Land

This example is created for a pastry boutique specializing in custom cakes. The bright colors used for this logo are a classic combination when it comes to dessert shop branding. As a result, the whole design, the elements included, and the custom lettering bring feelings of festivity, sweetness, and joy.


11. Mr. Bolat Restaurant Kebap & Pizza

Using a well-chosen cartoon mascot as a central element in a restaurant logo seems to always do the job right. Here, Mr. Bolat comes with his delightful presence and approachability to serve you the specialties. In addition, the color choice brings a sense of warmth, friendliness, and excitement, hinting at a pleasurable experience.


12. Hungry 4 Burger Restaurant

The logo for Hungry 4 Burger serves as an example of how a restaurant brand can seem urban and delicious while being at the same time modern and vintage. And if you think about it, you will see the same color combination, which food brands so commonly use, when wishing to be perceived as friendly, tasty, and approachable.


13. Grillhaus Restaurant

This one here, is a logo example for a Grillhaus Restaurant. It is plain and simple, featuring a flaming BBQ grill icon and a logotype. The presentation of the place’s name, written in an uppercase serif typeface, brings associations with tradition and taste. And overall the whole design is inviting, straightforward, and visually appealing.


14. Juniper Table Indian Restaurant

Juniper Table is an American restaurant serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and fine coffee. Their branding is centered around the juniper plant which is beautifully depicted in their logo. Using also the bird figure within the design makes it inviting and friendly, while perceived as a whole the logo brings associations of a classy place with traditions and delicious food.


15. Gelatopia Gelato

The design for Gelatopia Gelato is so simple, yet effective and clever. Featuring only text, the logo manages both – to give the most important information and to lure clients in with the custom lettering. See how the characters are “melting” from the heat? Now look at the clever choice of text color providing balance with its coolness and feeling of discovery and naturality.

16. Chef’s House Restaurant

This one is an example of a restaurant logo with a unique vintage elegance. The typeface, the decorative elements included, and the overall design evoke feelings of tradition and style, while the positioning of the chef in a frame and the color choice represent the brand’s confidence in its services.


17. Hard Rock Cafe

The logo for Hard Rock Cafe has kept almost the same design since its very beginning. It features lettering depicted in a custom bold typeface, which along with the color palette gives the brand a unique and playful presence. With the help of its background bordered circle, it resembles a stamp, which only underlines the brand’s identity as a decades-old cafe emblem.


18. Tomato & Basil Italian Restaurant

In this restaurant logo example, the brand’s name leads the way to the design. The logo features the classic combination of tomato and basil, a definition of Italian cuisine, accompanied by a bottle of olive oil. All elements are illustrated in Italy’s national flag colors – green, white, and red, thus leaving no doubt of the restaurant’s essence.


Tips on creating effective restaurant logos:

  • Be direct and go for a clean and straightforward design that is easily recognizable and memorable.
  • Let the logo reflect the style and cuisine of the restaurant to convey its unique flavor.
  • Select colors that evoke the desired emotions and resonate with the target audience, whether representing sophistication, warmth, or freshness.
  • Choose fonts that complement the brand’s personality and are legible, even in smaller sizes.
  • Strive for originality to differentiate the restaurant from competitors and create a memorable identity.
  • Design a logo that is adaptable for different sizes and uses, like in menus, packaging, and napkins.


Final Words

Whether you design a logo for a fine dining restaurant or a cozy café, don’t underestimate the importance of a well-designed one in making the right impression in the culinary world. So, make sure to follow the good practices, embrace creativity, and get started with crafting restaurant logos – the place where flavor meets brand identity.

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