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Restaurant Logo Ideas For Mouth-Watering Inspiration

By Iveta Pavlova

2 years ago

You might be looking for inspiration for your restaurant logo, food delivery service, or just logos in general. In each case,  I’ve gathered some lovely restaurant logo ideas to fill up a full menu. Images matter after all. Probably even more so today in a world of social media and search engines, than ever. The visual identity gets the customer through the door in the first place, strong branding helps them remember you when they see an advert, review, or even signage. So let’s see some creations made by very talented designers.

Minimalistic Restaurant Logo Examples

One word – McDonald’s. This is an example of a simple, minimalist design with instant recognition. In that term, it’s an absolute winner. The following examples also show a mixture of simple techniques, to create stylish, memorable logos that have an instant impact.

Some have cleverly incorporated foody items into the name itself. They succeed in avoiding looking tacky by keeping the natural flow, so you wouldn’t have to look twice to read the name. Others such as Forker keep it simple, with well-defined lines, you see them once and they stick with you.

The use of color in these examples is kept to a minimum too, often black & white, some add just a splash of something else. Eye-catching choices of font, be it an increasingly fashionable handwritten, or more traditional models. All key elements in getting your brand noticed and remembered.


Classic Examples

There are similarities with the minimalist designs we’ve already looked at, for sure. Most logos avoid being too busy, with a sparing palette, and carefully crafted typography.

In the following examples, there are some very intelligent usages of vector graphic logos that accompany the restaurants’ names, blending the image, with the name and functions. You can imagine these logos taking center stage in the venues themselves and not just on the signage.


Cartoon Restaurant Logo Ideas

This kind of logo branding can easily be expanded for advertising purposes or used to create a complete look for your restaurant. By creating a more personalized, friendly, lively feel these images succeed in establishing a fun, fresh vibe.
So let’s take a closer look at how they’ve done. Some come up with their own signature caricature, and they can be used as a stand-alone image and still maintain the association. Others craft an image from their product. There is no right and wrong, all are strong images and all hit the spot.


Colorful Restaurant Logos

The next logos use color to illustrate the vivid freshness in the product. In these examples the colors represent the product, they are not just used as a stand-alone tool.


Other Cool Examples

This is such a great area for creative design,  witty interpretations, and bold thematic statements. We just had to include some other examples, a mishmash of styles, from imaginative icons to doodled drawings. There is something for everyone. 

Final Words

The variation of styles is as wide as the variety of restaurants out there, and we enjoyed these restaurant logo ideas. Food, atmosphere, quality of service, and value for money, are all essential for a successful culinary business. Without a doubt, a strong brand and image will help get you noticed, stand out from the increasingly crowded market, and provide instant recall. Let’s hope that by chewing through our style guide and getting your teeth into these tasty examples, you received the mouth-watering inspiration you need to cook up your creative ingredients.  

In the meantime, if you’re in need of more logo inspiration, why not check this collection of minimalistic logo examples that prove that it takes less to say more.

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