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Where to Find The Best Vector Cartoon Characters to Download

By Iveta Pavlova

1 year ago

Searching for high-quality vector cartoon characters? We’ve listed the best sources of premium and free vector cartoon characters, some prepared in over 100 poses for each, and a library of accessories to customize your own character. Sounds so good, right?

With vector being so flexible and versatile, you can easily put your character on every marketing medium without sacrificing quality – from digital to print mediums like a business card to a billboard! You are free to make any changes to the colors or the overall appearance of each vector cartoon character in order to personalize it. For example, you can add your logo to their T-shirt, change the color of their hair, or pretty much everything. All you need to use is your favorite vector-based app.

It’s important to mention that each listed platform here provides its artwork with specific licenses. For this reason, make sure to choose the right license for your needs, especially if you need to use vector cartoon characters for commercial purposes or merchandising. If you want to download free vector characters, check if the author requires attribution or not. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump right in!

If you need sleek, high-quality vector characters, is a great place to check out. The platform offers a diversity of character types – all designed in an awesome cartoon style and available for download in over 100+ poses for each.

Plus, you have access to a library of assets, such as accessories for each character, different mouths, eyes, hand positions, and more. This means you can really create even more poses if you can’t find what you need among the 100+ pre-made ones.

Curvy Woman Cartoon Character

An attractive and confident young woman cartoon character that is ready to rock these curves across 112 all-purpose poses. Made in Adobe Illustrator CC and compatible with all graphic software.

Grumpy Butcher Vector Character

Chilly and grumpy, this butcher vector character is ready to load your designs with suspense. He comes in 112 premade poses like butcher concepts, universal poses, presentational poses, and emotions.

Cute Dinosaur Cartoon Character

A super lovable and cute dinosaur vector character that is available in a set of 112 all-purpose poses. This buddy will provide you with emotions, universal, thematic, and presentational concepts.

Fat Superhero Vector Character

This superhero loves to eat a little bit too much! Get an overweight and funny superhero in 112 great poses including all kinds of funny concepts and activities. Available in Ai, EPS & PDF file formats.

T-Rex Dinosaur Vector Character

Load your project with some rock vibes! This dinosaur T-rex vector cartoon character comes in 112 badass poses: emotions, presentational poses, and universal concepts.

Fat Cat Vector Cartoon Character

Make your projects fluffy and appealing! Get a set of 112 funny fat cat vector character poses, available as AI, EPS & PDF. All fully editable in vector-based software of your choice.

Each vector character on is made in Adobe Illustrator, therefore it is easily editable in vector-based software of your choice. Currently, the platform offers three pricing plans that depend on the license – from personal to unlimited commercial use. Once you download a character, you get it in all 100+ pre-made poses (Ai, Eps, Pdf), as well as the library of assets.

Extra Suggestion: Vector Characters for Animation

If you need vector characters suitable for animations, then you will most certainly have to look for extra body positions and facial expressions that will help you recreate motion and talking later on. Here are several suggestions for vector cartoon characters that are perfect for animating. 

Juicy Burger Vector Character

This buddy is ready to make all your video projects extra yummy. The juicy burger vector character comes in 112 premade poses, plus a symbol gallery of emotions, hand positions, and accessories. Available as a puppet for Adobe Character Animator, as well. 

Cute Pink Unicorn Vector Character

This cutie pie is perfect for designs and videos.’s pink unicorn vector character comes in 112 ready-made poses and a gallery of facial expressions, hand positions, accessories, etc. Plus, this unicorn is made as a puppet for Adobe Character Animator, too.

All vector characters by come with a gallery of symbols that includes additional positions of eyes, mouths, hands, and more. In addition, all characters on the platform are prepared as puppets for Adobe Character Animator if that’s the software you prefer. 

Simple Vector Character

This charming simple vector character is certainly great for many types of designs and videos. Within the library, you will find 112 different pre-made poses, as well as additional symbols like hand positions, eyes and mouth expressions, etc.

Cute Pencil Vector Character

This pencil vector character is great for education-related designs, presentations, and animations. He’s prepared in 112 different poses. Plus, you get a gallery of symbols to build various facial expressions and make him interact with objects.

All GraphicMama‘s vector characters come with a gallery of additional symbols like hand positions, eyes and mouth expressions, several body positions, as well as accessories to interact with. This makes GraphicMama’s vector characters great for animation.

Flat Vector Characters for Animation

A set of two charming flat vector characters, great for animating – a boy and a girl, provided by Shutterstock. This set includes body positions from all views, head customizations, emotional expressions, limb positions, and more.

Free Simple Vector Character for Animation

A free suggestion by Freepik. This simple man vector character is great for animating and static designs. Inside this set, you will find all the needed hand positions, facial expressions, and even a sitting pose. Don’t forget to give attribution.


GraphicMama is a well-known and established source of vector cartoon characters. On the site, you will find over 600 high-quality different characters, each prepared in a huge set of poses – business characters, casually dressed men and women, superheroes, robots, all kinds of animals, and so on. The variety is really insane.

Female Vector Characters

Female Vector Cartoon Characters by GraphicMama

A variety of over 230 female cartoon characters – girls and women, business women, casually dressed women, all prepared in 100+ poses.

Male Vector Characters

Male Vector Cartoon Characters by GraphicMama

Nearly 300 different male cartoon characters – boys, businessmen, casual men, and different professions, all available in 100+ poses.

Vector Cartoon Animals

Animal Vector Cartoon Characters by GraphicMama

A huge collection of over 130 high-quality animal characters like dogs, cats, wild animals, etc. Each prepared in over 100 poses.

Just as mentioned, all characters come in huge sets of poses to cover all your professional needs (design, marketing, teaching, etc). If you need to make changes or create additional poses, you can freely do so by using the provided symbol library and your preferred vector-based software like Adobe Illustrator. Here are a few examples:

Charming Female Cartoon Character

A charming female vector cartoon character with glasses. Prepared in 112 editable poses.

This sweetheart here comes in a diversity of 112 various poses, showing off emotions, interacting with objects, and performing various activities.

Flying Robot Cartoon Character

Download a cute vector robot cartoon character in 112 editable poses.

A cute flying robot can will become a great assistant in any visual project. This flying buddy is prepared in 112 poses, great for every purpose.

Business Lion Cartoon Character

Download a business lion vector cartoon character in 112 premade poses - fully editable.

A stylish lion vector cartoon character that is ready to conquer hearts with 112 diverse poses – emotional, presentational, and conceptual.

Elegant Man Cartoon Character

Download a businessman vector cartoon character in 106 poses - fully editable.

An elegant and neat young man cartoon character that will surprise you with a diversity of 106 poses. Perfect for projects of all types.

In addition to the diversity of character types, there are various character styles, as well. You will find minimalist flat and outline characters, more detailed character designs, and even 3D characters.

The pricing of each character set depends on the licensing plans. Once you register, you can load your account with credits and use them to buy any asset on the site.

VectorCharacters provide completely free vector cartoon characters for commercial or personal use, without any attribution needed. You will find packs of characters, as well as single character designs depicted in all kinds of concepts. Plus, you can browse plenty of character types and styles to match your project style.

Flat Vector Characters – Free Set

Flat Vector Characters Collection by VectorCharacters

A collection of 30 free vector cartoon characters that perform various professions. Illustrated in a simple flat style.

Cartoon Man and Woman Presenting

Vector Cartoon Man and Woman Presenting by VectorCharacters

An attractive businesswoman and businessman that present at a whiteboard. Free to download and fully editable.

Vector Girl Professions

Vector Girl Professions by VectorCharacters

An appealing vector girl character that is depicted in 6 different professions – a chef, a police officer, a doctor, and more.

Cartoon Women Shopping

Vector Cartoon Women Shopping by VectorCharacters

A set of 6 charming women vector characters that are depicted with shopping bags. Free to download and easy to edit.

Vector Cartoon Animal Characters

Vector Cartoon Animal Characters by VectorCharacters

A free collection of 10 high-quality cartoon vector animals that include a bull, a lion, a wolf, a bear, a shark, etc.

Vector Characters in a Hand-drawn Style

Hand-drawn Characters Style by VectorCharacters

A collection of 9 various hand-drawn cartoon characters that are illustrated in a funny comical style.

VectorCharacters is run by GraphicMama, so you can expect the same high-quality illustration standards, with the perks of being completely free.


With over 3000 results for a “character”, Vexels is definitely a place you can stop by to have a look at their awesome suggestions. Here, you will find small sets of cartoon characters by theme, as well as individual character illustrations drawn in all kinds of concepts.

Vector Businessman Character Set

Businessman Character Set by Vexels

A cartoon businessman character in a suit. Illustrated in 8 different poses such as running, presenting, talking, etc.

Vector Crocodile Character Set

Crocodile Character Set by Vexels

A funny vector crocodile character that comes in 5 comical poses – sleeping, being dizzy, and lying.

Yoga Pig Vector Character Set

Yoga Pig Character Set by Vexels

A cute pig vector character that performs yoga. You will find this pig character in 8 different yoga poses.

Mystic Frog Vector Character Set

Mystic Frog Character Set by Vexels

A mystic frog character with a wizard hat. Depicted in 6 different poses such as performing magic, meditating, etc.

Among the premium assets, you will find pretty good free cartoon character sets, as well. Vexel offers various pricing plans including a one-time payment for lifetime access. In addition, you get a license for commercial use and merchandising.

Extra Suggestion: Halloween Characters Vector Sets

Pumpkin Scarecrow Character – 112 Poses

A charming scarecrow Halloween character vector set, prepared in 112 pre-made poses and a symbol library, so you can create even more.

Zombie Halloween Character – 112 Poses

A funny zombie Frankenstein character vector for Halloween designs and presentations. This set includes 112 poses and a symbol library.

Trick-or-Treat Kids Halloween Characters

A set of 6 cute children wearing masks for Halloween. These free Halloween trick-or-treat children characters are available for free download on VectorCharacters. Attribution is not required.

Cute Skeleton Halloween Character

A cute skeleton vector character for Halloween waving on a grave background. Available for free download on VectorCharacters. Attribution is not required.

Free Flat Halloween Characters

A collection of 4 flat vector Halloween characters, available for free download on Freepik. Attribution is required.

Cute Free Halloween Characters

A set of 6 free vector characters for Halloween, available for download on Vecteezy. Attribution is required.


Vecteezy is a platform where independent illustrators can upload their work and earn commissions. This explains the huge variety of resources. Here, you will find over a million results for a “character”. You can download all kinds of free and premium resources, as well as vector cartoon characters.

Vector Man in a Business Suit

Businessman Vector Set of 6 Poses by Vecteezy

A flat vector businessman in a suit that is prepared in 6 all-purpose poses.

Cute Fruit Vector Characters

Cute Fruit Vector Characters by Vecteezy

A set of 9 cute fruit characters, including an apple, an avocado, a banana, and more.

African American Businesswoman Creation Kit

African American Businesswoman Creation Kit by Vecteezy 

A premium creation kit – a businesswoman in an elegant dress that is depicted in 17 different pre-made poses.

Young Businessman Creation Kit

Young Businessman Creation Kit by Vecteezy

A premium creation kit – a businessman in a suit that is available for customization, plus 17 pre-made poses.

The free license allows you to download and use all free resources on the site for personal or commercial purposes. However, attribution is required. If you don’t want to give attribution, you can check out some of Vecteezy’s pro plans. A subscription provides you with unlimited downloads, an online editor, and even more perks.


Pixeden offers premium and free vector characters prepared in Adobe Illustrator – easily editable in this software, as well. The platform uploads about 150-200 new resources a year. You will find packs and sets of vector characters in various styles – classic cartoon style, manga style, and simple flat style.

Flat Geek Vector Characters Kit

Flat Geek Vector Characters by Pixeden

Create male and female geek vector characters in a minimalist flat style. You can choose outfits, hairstyles, and more.

Flat Hipster Vector Characters

Hipster Rock Vector Characters by Pixeden

If you need a completely minimal character design, you can check out this set of 8 vector hipster characters.

Free Businessman Vector Character

Businessman Vector Character by Pixeden

A set of 14 free vector businessman poses, illustrated with various accessories like a pencil, a box, a blackboard, and more.

Manga Style Vector Characters

Manga Style Vector Characters by Pixeden

A free set of 31 girl vector characters in a manga style. On the site, you will find boy manga characters, as well. 

In order to download and use assets from Pixeden, you need to register. The platform offers free and premium plans. You can have unlimited downloads in both ways but the latter gives you access to all premium resources. The prices of subscription plans vary from $6 to $10 per month, depending if you are paying monthly or yearly.


Freepik is a popular source for designer assets – free and premium. On the platform, you will find plenty of vector characters uploaded by the Freepik team or independent illustrators. Similarly to most platforms of this type, you will find big or small sets of characters, individual characters depicted in specific conceptual poses, as well as small creation kits.

Female Character Free Creation Kit

Female Character Creation Kit by Freepik

An elegant and beautiful business girl vector set that is available for customization with different hairstyles and skin tones. 

Male Character Free Creation Kit

Male Character Creation Kit by Freepik

A simple flat young man cartoon character that is available as a vector creation kit with numerous possibilities.

Modern Girl Vector Character Creation Kit – Premium

Vector Girl Premium Creation Kit by Freepik

A rich creation kit of an attractive female vector character. Experiment with hairstyles, facial expressions, clothes, and accessories.

Readhead Student Boy Vector Character Set

Student Boy Vector Character Set by Freepik

A cool redhead boy student vector character that is prepared in 11 poses like walking, talking, waving, giving thumbs up, and more. 

It is required to give attribution when using vector resources from Freepik. As a free member, you also have limitations on the number of downloads, as well. You get 3 downloads per day for unregistered users and 6 – for registered.

In contrast, the Premium users get 100 downloads per day, plus more perks. The subscription plan currently offers you two options 15€ fee for a single month or a discount of 9€ per month if you pay for 12 months at once.

Extra Suggestion: Simple Vector Characters

Many sites offer simple vector characters because they are easy to adapt to projects, designs, and videos of all types. In addition, simplicity is always trending. Here are several picks from around the web. 

Business Woman Simple Vector Character

A simple vector character – a business girl that is made in a diversity of 112 poses. Among all poses, you will find emotions, activities, interactions with objects, etc.  

Businessman Simple Vector Character

A simple vector character with a beard that is illustrated in an outline style. This man can be downloaded in 112 different poses – emotions, concepts, activities, etc.

Casual Girl Character

A girl vector character set that is dressed in casual clothes and illustrated in a simple flat style. This simple vector girl is available for download on Shutterstock.  

Free Simple Vector Character

This buddy here is free to download from Freepik and comes in a diversity of 24 poses. If you use this simple cartoon character in your designs, you should give attribution.

Free Simple Character – 7 Poses

This charming simple vector character is ready for download in 7 different poses. Available as editable Ai. and Pdf file formats. Attribution is not required. 

Tourists Simple Vector Characters

Completely free to download, and without having to give attribution, these charming tourists vector characters will perfectly fit a wide range of projects.


For sure, iStockPhoto is famous for well, stock photos. But the platform also lists stock illustrations and vectors, as well, including cartoon characters. In fact, the keyword “character” returns an impressive amount of almost 2 million and a half results. Therefore, you may want to narrow down your search to a more specific type of character.

On iStockPhoto, you will find plenty of stock cartoon characters prepared in sets of pre-made poses or containing additional symbols. Therefore, you can build new poses yourself. 

Business Woman Vector Set

Business Woman Vector Creation Kit

An elegant and beautiful business girl vector set available for customization with different hairstyles and skin tones. 

Young Man Vector Creator

Young Man Vector Creation Set

A simple flat young man cartoon character that is available as a vector creation kit with numerous possibilities.

Elegant Business Woman Character Set

Elegant Business Woman Vector Set

An elegant businesswoman with glasses that is prepared in 15 all-purpose poses.

Asian Business Woman Vector Set

Asian Business Woman Vector Set

An attractive Asian girl in a business outfit. Illustrated in 13 different conceptual poses.

Easy to guess, you need to register in order to download and use vector cartoon characters from iStockPhoto. The platform offers a 1-month free trial with 10 free downloads included within this period. Once the trial ends, the basic plan currently costs 29 €/month.


FreeVector shows over 1500 results in the Character category. Among the results, you will find character illustrations of a single concept, small sets of character poses, and even character creation sets.

Flat Businessman Vector Set

Businessman Vector Set by FreeVector

A flat blond businessman vector character that is prepared in 3 basic poses.

Cute Cartoon Tiger Set

Cartoon Tiger Vector Set by FreeVector

A cute playful tiger character that is available in 8 different poses.

Funny Cockroach Vector Set

Cockroach Vector Set by FreeVector

A funny cockroach character in 8 poses that will definitely catch the eye.

Children Characters Vector Set

Children Vector Set by FreeVector

A set of 6 funny and playful children that are jumping and running around.

The assets on FreeVector are free to download and use in personal projects with attribution. If you want to use them for commercial purposes without attribution, you need to sign up for their subscription plan – currently available for $9.99 per month.


A community-based stock platform that lists free and paid vector assets. You can find anything and everything on the platform. Illustrators upload characters of all themes and styles. However, most vector characters on the site are available in just a single pose. Here are a few picks that provide you with a little bit more versatility:

Ninja Vector Character Set

Ninja Vector Character Set by VectorStock

A cute flat vector ninja that performs some fierce moves. Available in 10 different poses. 

Superhero Character Set

Superhero Vector Character Set by VectorStock

A stylized superhero vector character flying in 5 different poses and standing in one.

Funny Geek Character

Geek Vector Character Set by VectorStock

This funny fella comes packed with various accessories to complete your design.

Christmas Elf Vector Set

Elf Vector Character Set by VectorStock

A cute vector cartoon eft set of 4 poses, ready for any Christmas project. 

A one-time purchase currently costs $14.99. You have the opportunity to subscribe for a monthly fee and optimize your costs or load your account with credits and spend 1 credit per image.

To wrap it up,

Vector cartoon characters are one of the most powerful tools that marketers, educators, small business owners, presenters, and other specialists use in order to appeal to audiences of all ages. The appealing fictional characters can act in your explainer videos, catch the eye in your campaigns, retain the attention in your presentations, and ultimately, become the trustworthy and likable ambassadors your brand needs.

We hope this selection helped you find the perfect vector cartoon character for your next project. Maybe, you would love to have a look at our “Freebies” section and download plenty of free assets for your next design project.

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