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40 Strong Brand Identity Examples that Stick in Your Mind

By Iveta Pavlova

1 year ago

Some of the best brand identity examples are those that you remember from first sight. In this post, we’ve gathered 40 great brand identity examples from various industries, so you can get inspired to make a memorable and strong brand identity in your next design project.

Each brand identity is created to communicate the brand’s essence and values, evoke specific emotions and set the tone of communication with potential clients – friendly, formal, etc. Even more, a good brand identity connects with just the right audience and sets just the right expectations

The following visual identity examples all impress with great creativity and style. Let’s not waste more time and jump right into the inspiration. 

Brand Identity Package Examples

Product category brands have to face heated competition in order to win the customer’s attention. That’s why it’s essential that the package design matches the overall visual identity of the particular brands, so the consumer can easily recognize the brand on the shelf.

In this selection, you will find some awesome brand identity ideas that definitely stand out from the rest. We start off with several good brand identity examples of coffee and tea brands. Colorful, distinctive, memorable – these are brands that carry a character. 

Rocket Coffee Brand Identity

Xapola Coffee Brand Identity

Meridiano Brand Identity

Zoetic Brand Identity

Restaurants, fast food brands, coffee shops, and takeaway brands also pay very special attention to customizing their package design in the spirit of their visual identity. The following brand identity design examples show a distinctive style for each, so every box or bag plays the role of a powerful marketing tool that popularizes the brand itself. Even when thrown in the bin, someone may notice it!

Aziz Brand Identity

You’re The Wurst Brand Identity

NORI Brand Identity

Tallik Cafe Brand Identity

Of course, most brands need to personalize their package design no matter the industry. Here are a couple of examples of memorable brand identity of stationery products or pet products.

Berlingo Brand Identity

Meow Brand Identity

Corporate Brand Identity Examples

For sure, corporate brand identity is a challenge for many designers – it has to look professional, yet it needs to be creative in order to stand out. While corporate visual identity often looks simple, there are still ways to make it more exciting and memorable.

Among these examples of brand identity, you will see the use of bright, catchy colors, modern color gradients, dynamic shapes, and even textures that form the character of each brand. 

Manifold Brand Identity

Melleocre Brand Identity

Netcore Brand Identity

Assar Brand Identity

Open Group Brand Identity

Praxis Brand Identity

ShortCut Brand Identity

Brand Identity Ideas from Various Industries

Brand identities in all industries can look really exciting and distinctive, no matter if it comes to healthcare services, education, or automobile services. In the following selection, we’ve gathered great brand identity examples from various industries, so you really don’t have an excuse for creating a boring visual identity design the next time. 

We start off with a cool example of a healthcare brand identity. The color palette conveys professionalism and trust, and the designer has created an eye-catching pattern that can be seen across all marketing materials of the brand.

Premium Sight Brand Identity

An international tour agency with a really memorable visual identity. Not only the name but also the colors convey tropical vibes while the rounded shapes make the brand look really friendly.

Your Mango Tour Brand Identity

Should a foreign language school have a boring brand identity design? Of course not! The designer of this one doesn’t only play with contrasting orange and blue but also presents really fun and attractive posters that catch the eye.

Victorylang Brand Identity

A publishing house visual identity design completely made around the color blue with outline illustrations, icons, and cool patterns.

Piter Publishing Brand Identity

A brand for cinematic courses that blends the past with the present. The black-and-white retro Hollywood pictures create an amazing atmosphere together with the ultra-modern feel of the neon yellow and the edgy typography design of the logo.

One Frame Cinema Brand Identity

A brand in the automobile industry that conveys dynamics, energy, power, and movement. The visual identity is built around the energetic orange and tilted typography that communicates speed.

Dark Way Auto Brand Identity

Bright pink and cute hand-drawn illustrations in a doodle style are a recipe for an easy-going brand identity. The designer of the visual identity of this creative agency really knows how to break the ice with potential clients.

Honesto Brand Identity

Fashion Brand Identity Examples

Just like in any other industry, fashion brands communicate emotions through their visual identity. Some position as sensual and feminine, others as active and dynamic, and yet other – as fun and easy-going. 

In this collection, we’ve selected several strong clothing brand identity examples. You will find visual identities for women’s and men’s fashion, lingerie brands, children’s clothing brands, and even sportswear brands. 

Vallerie Lingerie Brand Identity

Do I Do Fashion Brand Identity

Lakshmi Clothing Brand Identity

Manya Children’s Fashion Brand Identity

Helen Birch Fashion Brand Identity

Fey Fey Clothing Brand Identity

Nextra Clothing Brand Identity

Trovas Men’s Clothing Brand Identity

Lebbre Sportswear Brand Identity

Laboratory Clothing Brand Identity

Personal Brand Identity Examples

Distinctive visual identities of personal brands are as important as identities of agencies and even large-scale corporate brands. Whether a freelancer or a one-person company, you need a proper presentation in order to attract clients. Here are several brand visual identity examples of graphic designers and UX/UI designers, even a designer of pet clothing.

Roa Cesar Personal Brand Identity

Dots Personal Brand Identity

Khoi Personal Brand Identity

Carolina Ribas Personal Brand Identity

Doggies & Garment Personal Brand Identity

Final words

For sure, brand identity forms the first impression that your potential clients will have of your brand. That’s why you have to pay special attention when choosing the style, colors, patterns, shapes, and even textures. All of these elements should work together in order to convey just the right emotions and set just the right expectations.

We hope these examples of brand identity have woken your creativity. We are surely impressed by the diversity of styles and unconventional choices some designers make and the end result is really mind-blowing.

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