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40+ Free Process Infographic Templates To Visualize Steps

By Ludmil Enchev

1 year ago

How to explain a complex process in the most effective and comprehensive way? Through visualization! Today, we will show you more than 40 process infographic templates that you can download and use to break down your complex processes into simpler steps for your audience to understand in no time. Let’s begin!

Steps Process Infographics

Breaking down a process into smaller steps always helps to explain a complex subject and make it snackable for your audience. No matter if you want to get the whole team on the same page quickly and efficiently, or clear up the details about a project with your new client, visualizing a process as separate steps is crucial to make the project run smoothly and minimize the lack of coordination. 

Here, we’ve selected some of the best step process infographic designs to help you visualize your process in the most comprehensive way.

Free Step by Step Process Infographic

Visualizing a process with 5 steps would be easy and fun with this modern and clean step-by-step infographic.

  • File formats: Vector Eps
4-Step Process Infographic

This beautiful flat infographic design with 4 connected steps will make your visualization look professional. 

  • File formats: AI, EPS, PPT, PSD
Free 3-Step Process Infographic

If your project requires a simple process infographic with three steps, this template would be a great choice.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg
Free 6-Step Process Infographic

An excellent editable infographic design with six steps arranged in a circle. Available for free download.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg
Free Process Infographic of 5 Steps

A completely free, straight-to-the-point process infographic template with 5 steps visualized in circular icons.

  • File formats: Vector Eps
Free 7-Step Process Infographic

This 7-step infographic design in pastel colors will be the perfect option for more complicated process visualizations.

  • File formats: Vector Eps
Process Steps Infographic

A minimalist infographic template with 6 steps that can be edited in PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

  • File formats: AI, EPS, PPT, PSD


Process Flow Infographics

Process flow diagrams (PFD) are a great option to adapt standards in your company flow, educational, or even personal projects. With these free and paid PFD infographics, you can easily visualize patterns for required actions or steps in repeated situations.

30 Free Process Flow Diagram Infographics

A free set of 30 process flow designs compatible with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
30 Free Infographic Process Flow Charts

A collection of 30 free linear process flow chart design templates for presentations.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
Free Workflow Process Infographic

A free vector-based hexagon infographic design for a workflow process visualization.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg
Free Process Map Infographic

A set of 30 process map infographic templates illustrated in a nice, simple style.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
Process Mapping Infographic

Infographic design for process mapping suitable for a wide range of projects.

  • File formats: Online editor (Venngage)
31 Free Process Diagram Infographic Templates

A collection of 31 simple style design templates to help you illustrate different types of process diagram data.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides


Design Process Infographics

Although very dependant on creativity, design process is also very methodical and orderly, and as such, it can easily be broken down into clear steps. Take a look at this collection of free and paid design process templates to find the one that perfectly matches your needs.

A Creative Process Infographic

A modern-looking infographic for a creative process visualization that is available in a wide range of formats.

  • File formats: AI, EPS, PPT, PSD
Design Thinking Process Infographic

A colorful and fully-editable infographic template for visualizing the process of design thinking.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Tiff, Jpg
Free Web Design Process Infographic

What is the process of web design creation? This template will help you illustrate the process to your clients.

  • File formats: Vector Eps
UX Design Process Infographic

The UX design process is explained simply with this vector infographic design you can adapt to your process.

  • File formats: Vector Eps
Infographic UX design process

A 5-step infographic for explaining UX design processes. The template is also suitable for other topics.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg
UX Design Process Infographic

A great UX process design infographic template visualizing sprints in a design project.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Ai, Jpg
Free Design Process Infographic

A long vertical infographic template for design process visualization. Available for free download.

  • File formats: Online editor (Canva)
Free Creative Design Process Infographic Presentation

Completely free presentation infographic templates with 31 creative design process slides.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides


Hiring Process Infographics

Human Resources will love these templates! As recruitment is crucial to every company’s culture and success, these infographics will help you to get the candidates familiar with your specific hiring process or create a standard to follow when searching for new employees.

A Free Hiring Process Infographic

A quick explanational infographic about the hiring process in a given company. Easy to modify in order to fit any type of business.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg
Recruitment Process Infographic

This process infographic of 4 stages by Venngage is perfect to explain your recruitment procedure to future candidates.

  • File formats: Online editor(Venngage)
Hiring Process Infographic

A detailed infographic template about the hiring process – 12 steps that a company follows when searching for new employees.

  • File formats: Online editor (Venngage)
Hiring Process Infographic Presentation

A collection of 30 free infographic slides to help you present how the hiring process works and all the specific steps required.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides;


Business Process Infographics

Process infographics are perfect for internal business needs – management, planning, finance, etc. Here is a collection of different business-related process templates, which you can use to improve your business success.

Business Process Improvement Infographic

A professional process infographic for PowerPoint and Google Slides to help you visualize how to improve a process.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
Business Process Infographic

A clean-style infographic for business process visualization that can be used for internal or external needs.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg
Financial Planning Infographic Presentation

A useful visualization of a financial planning process. The infographic is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
Product Launch Process Infographic

A great blue color infographic for a product launch process that can be easily edited in the Venngage editor.

  • File formats: Online editor (Venngage)
The Planning Process Infographic

A helpful infographic for business planning purposes that can be a great guide to following your process.

  • File formats: Online editor (Venngage)
Sales Process Infographic

This infographic template for the sales process is modern and clean. It includes 8 steps with a title, a description, and an icon, and it is fully editable. 

  • File formats: Online editor(Venngage)
Onboarding Process Infographic

This useful and editable infographic will help you onboard your clients and make them easily understand your process.

  • File formats: Online editor(Venngage)
Free Decision-Making Process Infographic

A presentation with 32 great slides about the decision-making process. It can be adapted to your internal and external business projects.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
Free Manufacturing Process Infographic

This free 6 steps of the manufacturing process infographic template can be the perfect fit for your production plan.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg


Other Useful Process Infographics

With millions of ways to visualize a process, we couldn’t miss some other great templates that we really loved and hope you will, too. Check them out.

30 Free Cycle Process Infographic

Some processes follow a circular pattern – they are repeated over and over again. This free presentation of 30 different full-cycle infographic slides will help you visualize your circlural processes no matter how complicated they are.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
Marketing Process Infographic

If you are a marketer, maybe you often have to explain to your potential clients why your work is important. This infographic template will help you convince them of the need for marketing.

  • File formats: Online editor (Visme)
Content Marketing Process Infographic

These infographic slides are a must-have for every marketing agency. Great to use every time you make a presentation about a content marketing plan to your clients. 

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
Mobile App Development Process Infographic

In most cases, clients who need a mobile app are not familiar with the development process of such. This infographic will help you explain the app development process to make sure you are on the same page.

  • File formats: Online editor (Venngage)
Free Process Timeline Infographic

A multipurpose infographic design that can be used in many different ways. With the year fields and checkpoints included, this template is perfect to present different process timelines.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg
WordPress Building Process Infographic

What is the process of a WordPress website development? This powerpoint infographic slide will be a perfect addition to your project presentation.

  • File formats: PowerPoint, Google Slides
Circle Process Infographic

Visualizing a repeated process is essential in some projects. You don’t need any additional software – this one can be directly edited in Venngage.

  • File formats: Online editor (Venngage)
Circular Process Infographic

A collection of 6 vector infographic templates visualizing circular processes. With colorful boxes and a simple design, this set it a great choice for all-purpose projects.

  • File formats: Vector Eps
Free Complex Process Infographic

How to explain a complicated process and make sure clients understand you? Well, this infographic will surely help you to visualize complex procedures in a simple way.

  • File formats: Vector Eps, Jpg


Final Words

Complex subjects and processes aren’t always easy to explain. This is where infographics come in. By breaking down complex matters into simple steps, process infographics can help you communicate your concepts and ideas more effectively and faster. 

We hoped you enjoyed this collection of 40+ process infographic templates, some free to use, others with a subscription. If you’d like to have a look at some more freebies to help out your creative processes, you are more than welcome to check out our Freebies section on the site.

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