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20 Creative Marketing Flyer Ideas That Stand Out

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

Flyers are an ideal low-cost option for marketing for startups, local and small businesses, as much as they are a must for advertising events. It’s a quick and effective way to reach desired audiences in a certain geographic area and introduce them to your business. Surely, when adding marketing flyers to your advertising strategy, you should also consider the efficiency of your flyer’s design. Bold titles, CTAs, visuals, what information you should include, hooks, and everything else. In order to inspire you to craft the ultimate flyer for your specific purposes, today we gathered an inspirational gallery of 20 creative marketing flyers that stand out with really good design and originality.

Marketing flyers are easy to design and way more affordable in comparison to social media ads and other types of promos, but they still need to be informative, compelling, and most importantly, eye-catching. Now let’s dive into some creative designs done correctly. 

1. 823 Oxana Design Studio Marketing Flyer

We start off with a flyer, designed for a design studio that looks cryptic and compelling, instantly grabbing attention. The great typography design and lack of info will definitely make you look closer to search for clues, and this is when you’ll find what does the flyer promotes and the studio’s address and website.

2. Seikatsu Kobo Children Designers Exhibition Flyer

In case you don’t speak Japanese (neither do we), don’t panic.  You can still enjoy the design as it is: a beautiful data-heavy infographic that wants to introduce the potential audience for an exhibition event for children who want to become designers. The marketing flyer has an attractive adorable design, instantly catching the eye with cartoons and cute pictures of the host and children participants.

3. Vans Surf Pro Classic

A series of cool flyers with the 80s and 90s style artwork for Vans by Ian Jepson, who also designed everything from scratch. The flyer brings the summer vibe the moment you look at it. 

4. Clickbait Garage Sale Marketing Flyers

“House of the devil permanent center of gravity”. Now that the title grabbed your attention, the advertiser needs you to know that they’re selling an Apple Magic Mouse 2 with a rechargeable battery. The other flyers have equally epic titles such as “Gigi D’alessio is the new Lucio Battisti” and”Diletta Leotta is a spy for ISIS” (selling Wacom Intuos). The lesson of the day: when you need to sell something, clickbait titles are the answer. 

5. Arraia Na Praca Food Event

A series of posters and flyers are a great option for local restaurants, especially on opening nights. These colorful traditional designs easily hype everyone who sees them for trying the new place in town.

6. Muselina Bakery Promotional Flyer

Your product speaks best for the quality of your business. With this in mind, the Muselina bakery advertises its delicious desserts with high-quality product images that take the entire flyer space.

7. Horizon Noir Showroom

Here we have a very minimalistic concept in black and white that conveys luxury and high style. 

8. The Good Ramen

With an 80% discount and a cute illustration in typical Japanese style, this flyer advertises the good kind of ramen that you really don’t want to miss. 

9. Madijam Basketball Event

This flyer uses an interesting mixture of brutalist design with a Riso Print effect to give a casual street vibe for a basketball event. It also symbolically uses a paper ball in a very creative way.

10. Lacittàintorno Urban Project

This series of flyers are informational, explaining a three-year program for the playground: a project where sport, urban design, and public art meet to create a new way of living in the public space. It has a simplistic but catchy design with vivid colors and related flat illustrations.

11. Fashion Store 50% Discount Marketing Flyer

This is a very stylish flyer template design with a beautiful shapes pattern that shows off some of the products and finalizes with a bold 50% discount title, tempting for fashion lovers and shopaholics alike.

12. Fit and Strong Gym Marketing Flyer Idea

This is a good example of a flyer advertising a gym with a strong modern design and a full list of the benefits for new members during the time of the limited offer.

13. Barber Shop Marketing Flyer

The next inspirational design shows the concepts for a new local barbershop. It’s designed in a typical retro style and features the services with their prices. 

14. The Wing Social Club Flyer

This design seeks to emphasize the message of collaboration and strength between creative women and highlight the notion of inclusivity. It strikes with a very creative design, specially planned for folding. Printed with a risograph machine, this flyer is also experimentation with the texture created by risograph printing.

15. y Espacio Cultural Events

 This set of flyers was created for a series of events in a cultural center in Argentina and strike with great use of brutalist style and holographic effects. 

16. Afrodyssée Fashion and Crafts Expo

The flyer promotes an annual African Trends Market presenting current African designers with a fashion show as the highlight. With strong visuals and high-contrast colors, the design also integrates elements such as lines ordered layout and adinkra symbols used in traditional African crafts and stamping.

17. Voron Martial Arts Club Marketing Flyer

A promotional flyer for a martial arts club. It uses intense visuals and contrasts to convey inner strength and gives info on the different martial art styles you can train.

18. Luchador Tacos and Kombucha Flyer

A Luchador-themed marketing flyer for tacos and kombucha stand opening in LA, that resembles a poster for a Lucha Libre wrestling event. 

19. Mobile App Promotion Flyer

Promoting your app via flyers is not a common practice, but it might be a good idea to introduce people to your creation during an event, dedicated to technologies.

20. Ozon Ballon Street Brand

A cryptic flyer offering a creative collage of classic art with street art elements and a hashtag. The eCommerce brand collaborates with Grafitti Market to realize many art festivals.


Final Words

When you have a clear idea of what you’re going to tell your audience in your marketing flyer, it’s time to unleash your creativity and experiment with creative design elements that will reflect your brand’s unique character. Now that you’ve seen some effective marketing flyer examples, you’re ready to create the perfect one to get your brand’s message out there.

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