37 Amazing 2D Animation Examples to Fuel your Creativity

By Ludmil Enchev

1 year ago

Excited to start out a brand new professional path in 2D animations or just want to draw some inspiration and see a couple of great creative ideas? Either way, with this selection of 37 2D animation examples you have more than one reason to fall in love with 2D animation even more than before.

2D animation is still king, although the 3D alternative has become a pretty popular technique for movies and shows in the last decade. The 3D technique is a too-expensive solution for smaller animations to be worth the effort, and the money. Even more, 2D animations can deliver just as great results as their 3D counterpart, if not more. Its simplicity makes the viewer focus on the message rather than the visual effects.

And while there are thousands of experienced professionals that can create 2D animations for you, there are now dozens of platforms, as well, that allow you to start making such videos on your own, without having to devote years to learning.

Today, we are going to fuel your creativity with 37 examples of 2D animation that prove that with 2D, you can totally achieve a modern vision for your animated videos. Let’s begin!

“GQueues explainer”
A Digital 2D Animation Example

A great example from GQueues. The 2D animation technique is great for explainer videos like this – the dynamics engage the user, and the simplicity of the style supports the main message. In result, the video helps the viewer to quickly realize their problem and receive an easy solution. Learn more about the project here.

A 2D Vector Animation Example

This great example from the Hatch awards presents a video advertisement loaded with some breathtaking retro vibes and super mesmerizing dynamics. The cool 2D vector animation promotes their famous event for 2019’s edition and it looks simply amazing. Learn more about the project here.

“Fun Carnival Open”
A Pop Art 2D Animation Example

This is a short 15-minute 2D animation example that sweeps you away with a diversity of patterns, textures, and gradients and skillful use of animation effects. All of this creates a unique feel and make the animation look really high-quality. Learn more about the project here.

“TSMC Recruit Animation”
A Classical 2D Animation Video

This 2D animation video was created by TSMC in order to help recruit employees. The witty animation takes you to an alternative universe – they’ve visualized their company as “out of this world” and a really innovative, futuristic place where you would want to work. Well of course, in reality, their office doesn’t look like that but watching the animation can definitely make potential employees excited about the opportunity to join the team. Learn more about the project here.

“UN Free & Equal”
A 2D Animation Awareness Video

A simple and straightforward 2D animation can be a great messenger of ideas and concepts meant to reach a mass audience. This awareness video, made in a 2D minimalist animation style, is a great example that simple and clean animation is an effective tool to engage viewers and allow them to process ideas fast and easily. Learn more about the project here.

“Invasive Carps”
A Traditional Cartoon Ad Animation  

Wilder Harrier promoted their product with a classical example of traditional 2D animation. Made with an old-school voiceover and in a vintage cartoon animation style, this advertisement brings out memories from the good old times, flowing into your head. Learn more about the project here.

“Howdy, Harrdy”
A Puppet Animation Example

Howdy, Harrdy is an amazing puppet animation example in a 2D style. Nickelodeon created some great stylized animated puppets in this colorful, ultra-modern animation. Learn more about the project here.

A Black-and-White 2D Animation

Sometimes, a black-and-white animation with just the right color accent is enough to catch the attention and make the viewer convert. This is the case with SoleSavy’s promotional video. The cool geometric style of their animation boosted with the color red is actually a very wise brand strategy. The colors they used are in fact the original brand colors. As result, SoleSavy’s brand awareness and recognizability are instantly strengthened. A clever marketing move! Learn more about the project here.

A 2D Short Film Animation

Let’s dive into the movie animations! “Hunter” is a great example of a modern 2D animation short movie. Engaging, charming, and simple – yet full of textures and small details that make the final animation really aesthetical and engaging. Learn more about the project here.

A 2D Explainer Video Animation

This how-it-works 2D explainer animation example is illustrated in a simple flat style – one of the most popular options for cartoon videos. This style can be animated super easily compared to others, and still delivers great results in terms of engaging the viewer.

A Classical Hand-Drawn 2D Animation Example

This list wouldn’t be complete without an example of a classical hand-drawn 2D animation. This one here is a winner of the “Outstanding Achievement in Traditional Animation” Dusty Award. What can we say? Absolutely deserved.

“State Fair Corn Dog’s”
A Retro-inspired 2D Animation

State Fait Corn Dog’s is a cute 2D animation video that combines some classical animation techniques with modern looks. The cool blend between the past and the modern-day presents us with some old-fashioned animation effects like the static background, enhanced with the super trendy illustrational style of the characters. Learn more about the project here.

“El-Saba Automotive”
A Simple Flat 2D Animation

El-Saba automotive has presented a business introductional video, made in a clean minimalist style that carries a traditional 2D animation feel and look. This example of 2D motion graphics animation demonstrates that you can create a great, professional video without having to hire expensive actors, and so on. Learn more about the project here.

DYE “Fantasy”
An Abstract 2D Animation Music Video

The animated music video for DYE – Fantasy is quite unconventional and even weird but let us just say – is there a better way to realize imaginary ideas than using a good old 2D cartoon style? Classical 2D animation never gets old, and this music video is living proof that this approach can be extremely successful.

A 2D Animation with a 3D Effect

2D vs 3D animation is a neverending debate. Well, this video combines them both – an extraordinary 2D animation with 3D animation effects. By adding 3D depth and movement to 2D illustrations, this video achieves an amazing look and feel. Learn more about the project here.

“Cricket Wireless”
A Doodle 2D Animation Video

A funny and highly engaging animated ad, created in a colorful doodle style. This animated promotional video is a great example of a modern 2D cartoon animation that will catch the eye of the younger audience. Learn more about the project here.

A Modern 2D Animation Video

InfinitumX has presented a cool and unique 2D animation explainer video for their service. The trendy color combination plus the colorful gradients and the simple character design are an example of how modern trends in graphic design, combined with 2D animation techniques can produce a top-notch explainer video. Learn more about the project here.

“Rick and Morty – Food”
A Funny 2D Animation Video

The ultra-popular Rick and Morty style inspired Numecaniq for the creation of this 2D animation video. The example shows how the extremely popular drawing style with a dose of creativity offers infinite opportunities to experiment and create outstanding animated videos. Learn more about the project here.

A 2D Character Animation 

This example of 2D animation is designed in a simple, flat style – extremely popular and preferred in recent years. Since the style is extremely popular, there are lots of resources available on the web that you can use for your animation – the result is a great, professional video with a minimal investment. Learn more about the project here.

“Alinma Bank”
A 2D Vector-based Animation

This 2D vector-based animation is a great example of an isometric style that shows a nice blend of a 2D design with a 3D look and depth between objects. This is a clever way to add a 3D look to your 2D animation using perspective. Learn more about the project here.

“UDN Old School Calendar”
A Promotional 2D Animated Video

A creative idea presented as a wonderful 2D animated video purposed to hype students about the Scool’s calendar. This 2D computer animation example follows a cute story, presented in a soft illustration style. A great example of how you can use 2D animation professionally. Learn more about the project here.

“Peace Land Giants”
A Simple 2D Animation Style for Web Projects

This video is a really simple, yet wonderful example of 2D animation. The style is perfect for web projects, as it can be achieved with CSS3 or 2D Flash for websites or mobile apps. Learn more about the project here

2D Animation Explainer Video

Intellectual property is complex to explain. This modern 2D animated video explains everything you need to know in an easily comprehensive manner. The custom-made visuals please the eye and communicate the main message effectively. This animation is a great example of how to use 2D animation software. Learn more about the project here.

“Headstrong Bythebooth x Miguel Ángel Camprubí”
An Explainer Video in a Simple 2D Animation Style

Simple and stylized characters are an absolute hit in current creative fields. This explainer video is another example that simple 2D animation with simple cartoon characters can be absolutely engaging and even charming. It definitely attracts the attention. Learn more about the project here.

“ABUS Keep on Riding”
2D Animated Ad with Outline Character Design 

The outline style is super modern right now and this example here is outstanding! This animated ad presents a nice minimalist, outlined character design combined with some trendy textures. To achieve the effect of a 2D/3D feel, Ordinary Folk used both 2D and 3D software such as After Effects or Blender. Learn more about the project here.

A 2D Animation Example in Pastel Colors

The choice of a color palette is an important part when deciding on the style of your animation. This 2D video animation presents friendly, soft pastel colors that feel and look relaxing. Moreover, the style of characters – proportions and facial features really make the whole video look very modern and innovative. Learn more about the project here.

“StoryBots – Ears”
A Simple After Effects 2D Animation

After Effects is a software that allows you to create professional animations and this one here is a great example of what you can achieve, even if you are a beginner. A few words about this funny digital 2D animation: it is based on a show on Netflix – the cool StoryBots series. Learn more about the project here.

A Classical 2D Animation with Multicolor Gradients

MUR-O is an ultra-modern animated video made in a 2D cartoon style. The color palette consists of really eye-catching candy colors and gradients that definitely radiate a futuristic vibe, although the style looks pretty traditional and even old-fashioned. Learn more about the project here.

“Odd Bleat Summer Tips”
A Line Art 2D Animation Example

A series of funny short 2D animations presented in a flat line art illustrative style, including super simplified 2D cartoon characters and a warm color palette. Funny and engaging, the Odd Bleat Summer Tips really make the viewer watch till the end. This is a proof that you don’t need anything complex in order to engage your audience. Learn more about the project here.

A Black-and-white 2D Animation Example

What better way to convey a powerful message than use a simple black-and-white animation style? This popular video proves that you can create a remarkable 2D animation with the simplest techniques and illustration styles, and still look super modern and current today.

“Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux”
2D Animation Anime Example

A great video project that presents a short trailer for an animated film – a beautiful and inspiring action-packed 2D animation anime example. This adventurous story is a great example of a 2D anime video and really makes the viewer want to see the whole movie.

“About Bloom”
A 2D Animation Combining Different Styles

This is a unique example of a 2D animation – it combines different design styles and techniques that create a long-lasting impression. Here, we see styles like stop motion, papercut, clay, 3D, and many more techniques that altogether make this 2D animation really innovative and exciting. And we love it! Learn more about the project here.

“Kappa + Estoril”
2D Animation with Textures

Dynamics in video animation is a powerful tool to create memorable short videos. This 2D animation example presents an impressive drawing style with soft textures and colorful outlining to stand out and catch the eye of the audience. Learn more about the project here.

“Realme wireless 2”
A Combination of 2D Animation with Real Footage 

Another great idea to make 2D animation more interesting is to combine it with real footage. While this idea is not new, it requires more work and resources to be realized. Well, one thing is for sure – the result of this collaboration of styles is always impressive. Learn more about the project here.

“Chillhop Music”
A Loop 2D Animation Example in a Trippy Style

This is a cool loop video or a repeated video animation that contains kind of a trippy vibe to it. Perfect to appeal to the younger audience. Learn more about the project here.

A Simple Flat 2D Animation

A popular style of 2D animation these days – a flat geometry style with really minimalist details. Easy to make, perfect for branding and business purposes, as it doesn’t require a lot of advanced knowledge. Plus, there are a lot of tutorials and templates that can help you. Learn more about the project here.

“Opioid Use Disorder”
A Stylized 2D Animation Awareness Video

Combining the flat geometry style with vibrating textures can produce impressive results. This 2D animation is an outstanding example of how to improve the more simple design styles and turn them into dynamic animations. Learn more about the project here.

Final words

To conclude, 2D is not dying any time soon. Right on the contrary, it will always be modern, approachable, and evolving. And when in combination with 3D, realism, or surrealism, it will definitely compete for the top of the charts in modern animation.

We hope you enjoyed this article and you liked some of the 2D animation examples we’ve collected.

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