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50 Business Card Design Ideas To Inspire Your Creativity

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

Business cards will always play a major role in your brand recognition. In fact, having a good business card design can help you build a great first impression. This is why today, we’ve gathered 50 business card design ideas to inspire you to unlock your endless creativity and come up with great card concepts for yourselves.  All examples are recently created by amazing designers from around the web who always follow (and even create) the latest trends so get ready for a rich variety of styles, shapes, colors, and even materials.


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We usually share a quote in these articles. This time, however, we’re going to do something more fitting and share this creative business card process video by My Metal Cards. The result is an amazing-looking card that mimics the emblematic Squid Game invitation card received by all the players. Metal cards don’t seem to be going anywhere.

1. Professional Red And Black Business Card with Mandala

Design by Mohammad Eshan for psychiatrist practitioner.


2. Graphic Designer Business Card with Holo Back

Graphic designer personal business card with holographic back by Khansa Azzahra. The smiley face at the back of the card indicates that hopefully in the future the designer will be able to collaborate with amazing people and create fun projects. She also claims that the inspiration behind the design comes from Cyberpunk 2077. 


3. Photographer Vertical Business Card with Neon Colors

Julia Johnson is Los Angeles-based photographer and creative director. The business card design by Sam Dallyn shows vibrant, character-driven aesthetic popping with color.


4. Artistic Visual Artist Business Card with Watercolor Back

Creative personal watercolor business card of Kota, graphic designer, and visual artist. While the front is a white minimalistic design, the back of each business card has unique artwork.


5. Zorko Film Holographic Business Card

Zorko Film Studios branding design by Eva Mukan-Ali and team. The business card comes in two variations. While the front differs in alignment, the backs come in a minimalistic black design with the logo or holographic back.


6. Neon Green XFORMA Minimalistic Business Card

The business card is part of the whole XFORMA brand identity pack by Carlotta Barella that sports a nice minimalistic design in neon green with relief letters and a seamless white x-pattern.


7. Pink and Grey Business Card with Creative Geometry

A simple yet effective business card in pink dust and grey by Ariful Islam with very creative geometry patterns.


8. Shape Design Square and Rectangular Colorful Organic Business Cards

Being part of an entire brand identity by Yuliya Bakulina, the business cards come in rectangular and square variations. All cards have hand-drawn colorful patterns.


9. Form Interior Design Studio Brutalist Business Card 

FORM is an interior design studio that promotes creativity and individualism. The business card design by Ulyana Malova sports grainy grey cardboard, while the design itself is very simplistic, focusing on the logo and giving an accent to the interior concept in neon green. 


10. Restaurant Business card with Realistic Dish

If you’re not into minimalism, you can always go fully in and use realistic images that will make anyone’s mouth water. For example, this restaurant business card by Emran Hossain will make you hungry.


11. Contemporary Business Card with Full Color Mandala Back

Simple and interesting personal business card design by Saad Ul Arafen with a colorful mandala on the back. 


12. Minimalistic Relief Metal Work Business Card

XF Metal Work Studio business card by Block Studio with grunge white background and black metallic relief lettering.


13. White Futuristic Business Card with Neon Green Edges

A white minimalistic futuristic business card by Sam Dallyn with relief colorless lettering and neon green edges. This is a business card design for an award-winning Los Angeles-based photographer Spencer Lowell whose work blurs the line between art and science. 


14. Creative Digital Illustrator Square Business Card 

Here we have a square business card by Lu Garrido with an ink illustration and holographic background. 


15. Stylish Dark Blue and Rose Dust Square Business Card

A part of Colleen Julie’s personal branding showcasing a harmony between simplicity & boldness. The junction of both the author’s initials (C and J) in a monogram, paired with a vibrant pink & midnight blue color scheme. In addition, the logo simply shows that less is more.


16. Black and Copper Square Art Deco Business Card 

This project is about Achille and Camilla, two young architects becoming Archimonio. Paffi Communication Design kept the focus on simple straight lines representing a house or a room in perspective. We love the Art Deco aesthetics of the card.


17. Illuminating and Ultimate Grey Square Card 

Here we have a simple square card concept with high contrast. The designer Ess Kay made this as a mockup, so you can download the PSD for free as well.


18. Brutalist Cutout Glitch Monocolor Card

Mea Culpa is a Melbourne-based jewelry brand. Both Studio worked on an identity celebrating the aesthetic of the brand’s range and personality-filled quirks of the jewelry. The card itself is brutalist with cropped lettering.


19. Creative Square Neon Colors Pixel Style Card

We couldn’t resist not including this amazing design by Irene Salvadeo. On one hand, the cards sport a unique pixel shape, on the other, they imitate an 8-bit window in bright neon colors. What’s there not to enjoy?


20. Hgh Tech Futuristic Concept in Black and Green

This card design by Francisco Lugo is for Hi-Caliber studio. We can enjoy a futuristic high-tech design in black, grey, and green.


21. Futuristic Space Black and Holo Graphic Designer Card

Here we have HaPhan Ng‘s design for a personal business card inspired by the designer’s love for astronomy. As a result, we see a futuristic card with a modern black and holo color combination and high-tech font for the lettering.


22. Creative Colorful Business Card Contact Concept

The designer Dédé Kruisman refers to their card as a brutalist anti-design card. It has a very creative concept for listing the website, email, handling, and brand name. 


23. Art Deco Geometric Black and White Card 

This minimalistic black and white business card by DesignBet resembles Art Deco style with its complicated geometry. 


24. Cute Cartoon Blue and Pink Illustrator Business Card

Cartoony colorful card, suitable for a cool illustrator and cartoonist. Designed by Adam Sprague.


25. Real Estate Transparent Plastic Business Card

Sometimes the special design touch is in the very material. In this case, here we have a memorable plastic transparent real estate business card design by Bipul Saha.


26. Transparent Business Card with Glasses and Moustache

A personal project by Dario Monetini for their business card. It’s made on transparent plastic with different objects that one can align with the faces of their friends and take funny and unforgettable photographs.


27. Elipse Shape Graphic Design Calligraphy Lettering Studio Card

Nicolò Giacomin‘s personal business card for his graphic design studio. It has a very untypical shape that reminds of a retro label which makes it even more memorable.


28. UI/UX Designer Atmospheric Gradient Card

A vertical business card by Tory Zubovich with sunset gradient back and dark blue minimalistic front.


29. Kalma Studio White Minimalistic Geometry Card

A luxurious high-end look is achieved with thin lines, geometry, and minimalism. Design by Veronika Creates.


30. Zeptic Studios Dark Blue and Red 

Another clean business card design, in dark colors with lower contrast. The design focuses on the geometric logo which gives it a very artistic look. Card design by Taseen Rashed.


31. Annastasia Interior Design Tall Card

A brilliant minimal tall card that gives an accent to the Interior Designer’s logo. This is a business card design by Mai Creative, who managed to create the atmosphere of a classic art museum.


32. Personalized Hand Made Ink Bubble Card 

Alevtina Khabibova comes up with an amazing concept to make each of her business cards personal and unique. The printed cards that only include white background and small black lettering serve as a canvas for the real magic. The author stains each card with ink green bubbles and turns the stains into fun characters which she draws by hand. 


33. Taxi City Car Shapes Business Card

Experimenting with the shape of your business card can give amazing results. In this case, Alla Kreminska comes up with a fun Taxi company car-shaped business card.


34. Photographer Business Card Moodboard Style

Moodboard-style business card concept by Daria Vasileva.


35. Mixed Media Artist Personal Business Card 

Personal card design by Milena Sharifova in black and holo.


36. Organic Cacao Beans Simplistic Card

Valory Dark Chocolate brand identity design by Stan Aleyn with a natural simplistic look.


37. Glossom Skincare Studio Visual Design

Branding by Outer Studio for a company producing face lifting tools. The business card is simple, visual, and comes with a transparent sleeve.


38. RunKit Colorful Geometry and Cutout Business Card

You can never go wrong with 80-s style and candy colors. Here we have a creative dashboard artwork on the back and a minimal front business card by Ryan Prudhomme.


39. Plastic Transparent Gradient Design Card

Transparent plastic cards hold a lot of opportunities to get creative. This concept by Mr.Mockup™ showcases how amazing this looks with gradient colors. You can also download the mockup from the original project page.


40. GrafikZero Brutalist Style Cropped Design Business Card

Saki Hajdari‘s personal branding project resulted in these awesome brutalist style business cards.


41. Duocolor Creative Design Vertical Business Card with Illustration

Another lovely business card idea by Mr.Mockup™ with minimal color scheme and folklore style illustration. 


42. Brutalist Large Font White Business Card 

Simple black and white brutalist design with huge fonts by Tobias van Schneider


43. Organic Design Logo Cutout Card Sleeve

Your card isn’t the only branding element you can get creative with. Here we have a business card matching sleeve with a logo cutout that makes the card interesting and memorable. Designed by Mr.Mockup™.


44. Minimalist Design and Illustration Card Concept 

Thin lines act as an orientation point for the client when choosing a service, thereby unintentionally getting remembered. Business card design by Kate Zest Studio.


45. Caditude Vertical Purple Business Card

here is another concept by Mr.Mockup™ for business cards. It’s entirely in purple with a lovely composition of outline illustrative icons, matching the font.


46. Restaurant Business Card Torpedo Shape

This card by Salih Küçükağa shows business card shape taken to the extreme. The Torpedverkstan restaurant cards definitely grab attention.


47. Pink and Purple Watercolor Business Card Design

This concept by Afsar Hossain shows a classy pink and purple watercolor design with a beautiful signature font.


48. Medisquare Business Card Gradient Shapes Design

Business Card Design for Medisquare by MD Mahfuj with beautiful gradient shapes.


49. Pastel Colors Tall Business Card

Lara Scarr comes up with a fresh, modern, and innovative design in pastel for Kinsa Organic Skincare, with an uplifting energy that promotes body positivity. Sophisticated typography balances it all out.


50. Lolo Family Cruise Cartoon Flat Design Vertical Business Card

And last but not the least, one can never go wrong with cartoon illustrations. Here we have a lovely flat design cartoon business card for a family cruises agency by Marina Zakharova.


Surely a great business card deserves to be presented in style. With this in mind, why not check this collection of 35 free high-quality business card mockup templates to download now and show off your creations.


Final Words

These were the 50 latest business card design ideas, created by top-notch graphic designers from Behance, Dribble, and other platforms. If you want to gather some more inspiration and ideas for your own business card designs, there’s plenty to go around. You can also check the following related articles with even more business card ideas:

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