30 Beautiful Mood Board Examples with Inspiring Aesthetics

By Sandra Boicheva

2 years ago

Mood boards are everywhere in our feeds and we all enjoy the beautiful aesthetics they bring. However, they are much more than just beautiful compositions of images, colors, fonts, and other visual elements. In fact, they are a pretty powerful tool that helps creators develop and present their ideas, concepts, and even projects. They serve as transitions between an initial idea and the first draft, keeping creators on track and communicating their entire vision to an audience.  In today’s article, we will take a look at some amazing mood board examples that we hand-picked to inspire you.


1. No Sugar Coca Cola Digital Moodboard

We start with the moodboard for a No Sugar advertising campaign for Coca-Cola, styled like interface windows. The moodboard features different concepts for advertisement visuals and the color scheme.


2. Coffee Brand Summer Vibe Moodboard

This moodboard serves to communicate the designer’s concept for a physical coffee shop, representing the Enodia Coffee brand. It features images of homebrew coffee and a cozy coffee shop color scheme.

  • Theme: Cafe Physical Location
  • Design by: Kate O.


3. Branding Projects Looks and Feel

Seven moodboards for various branding projects with suggested colors, fonts, patterns, and overall aesthetics.

  • Theme: Various Branding Aesthetics
  • Design by: Ashbel Ong


4.  Fabrics Physical Moodboard 

Here’s an example of a physical moodboard with a collage of fabrics that will be used for the Metamorphosis Del Tiempo clothing line.


5. Physical Materials Moodboard

Materials in physical moodboards can go further in interior design, like in this example, featuring the tiles and fabrics for a project.

  • Theme: Interior Materials exploration
  • Design by: Design Stock


6. Interior Design Concept Moodboard Collage

These collages present the creator’s concept for the interior design of a modern home with some highlights.


7. Typography Concept Moodboard

Moodboards are ideal even in cases where you brainstorm the style of a typography project. In this case, the creator uses retro-futuristic imagery to present their idea of a more dynamic font.


8. Digital Illustrator and Designer CV Moodboard

Speaking of moodboards being a proper tool to brainstorm any idea, this example shows the moodboard for a custom CV design.  


9. Texture Inspiration Moodboards

These moodboards show the thought behind textures inspired by nature.


10. Business Card Design and Texture Moodboard

Business card design to the last detail: from colors and fonts to materials and texture.


11. Mental Health Campaign in a Moodboard Format

In some cases, moodbords are the final product. Here we have one which is part of the Through the Wires series of moodboards that present the creator’s concept of social media harming the mental health of its users.


12. Interior Design Patterns Moodboard

This is a moodboard for modern patterns collection for interior design. 


13. Typography Design Letter Patterns Moodboards

Another font creation moodboard with a series of lettering examples helps the creator come up with a font with the same style.

  • Theme: Typography Exploration
  • Design by: Claire L


14. Very Pery Pantone Color of the Year 2022 Physical Moodboard

Just a few hours after Pantone announced 2022’s Color of the Year, creators already presented their take on the beautiful Very Peri, moodboards included. This example showcases the new color alongside other shades.

  • Theme: Pantone Color of the Year
  • Design by:  Hida Intops


15. Textures and Color Schemes Moodboards

Another texture exploration via a moodboard with a beautiful composition that communicates the Mediterranean vibe of the textures.

  • Theme: Interior Materials and Textures
  • Design by: Sinan Alajrad


16. Fashion Textures and Colors Moodboard

Fashion in lovely pastel colors, presented in a quick moodboard.


17. Bakery Logo Concept Moodboard

Here we have an example for a logo exploration where the creator has collected photos of cakes inspiring the colors and patterns for the logo.


18. Office Interior Design Moodboard

Classic interior design moodboard with tiles, textures, and colors that we can see on a catalog.


19. Interior Design Materials Moodboard

A moodboard example for textures in different shades of white.


20.  Fashion Line Inspiration Moodboards

Fashion inspired by nature and architecture in six breath-taking moodboards.


21. Home Interior Design Moodboard

This moodboard presents the final result with details closeups and the main color scheme for the interior design.


22. Wedding Concept Moodboard

Moodboards serve as a great way for your personal projects as well. Do you have a dream wedding? Why not make a moodboard to visualize your idea?


23. Logo Aesthetics Moodboard

Creating a retro-futuristic logo with 80s anime aesthetics in mind.


24. Autumn Vibe Color Palette Moodboard

Simple autumns aesthetics board to get you in the mood for the season. No products in mind, just beautiful autumn vibes.


25.  Pastel Color Palette Moodboard

Creating the perfect pastel color scheme in a moodboard that is hard to look away from. 


26. Product Packaging Comcept Moodboard

This example shows the creation of product packaging for a brand by collecting existing examples from other brands to nail the overall style.


27. Book Shop and Coffee Physical Location Moodboard 

Designing the interior for a physical location is also ideal with the use of moodboards. The creator here has collected images of existing locations to inspire and communicate the interior design for a new book shop cafe.


28. Norwegian Summer Logo and Brand Colors Moodboard

A moodboard can also present your idea for a brand logo alongside its elements, colors and possible textures for product design and packaging.


29. Kitchen Interior Moodboard

Personal kitchen interior design mood board with beautiful pastel colors and colorful spring vibes. 


30. Personal Mood board Example

And the last example shows a personal lifestyle mood board for social media. 


Final Words

We hope you had a great time exploring our hand-picked examples for mood boards for various types of personal and commercial projects. If you feel as inspired as we are, why not give it a try and make your own mood boards for your upcoming projects?

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