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19 Creative Artist Websites That Will Amaze You

By Ludmil Enchev

3 months ago

An artist’s website serves as a portfolio to showcase your work, build trust, and find fans and clients – It’s a crucial tool for any artist and his marketing, connecting with audiences, and selling artwork. The key elements of an artist’s website are outstanding gallery design, great about section or page, and easy-to-reach options.

To inspire artists and web designers alike, here are 19 real-world examples of stunning artist websites that masterfully balance form and function and catch the eye of new potential clients.

1. Jim Fenner

Jim Fenner has crafted an amazing website for his unique art, which is designed to look super consistent, focusing on his style without additional heavy elements. He also divided his projects into Illustration, Animation, and Prints, but also added a merch shop for his fans.

2. Paramo Estudio

Paramo Estudio is a great, super artistic website that easily grabs the attention with the big project visuals and masterfully presented case studies. The website is super simple with only project showcases and an About page.

3. Koshioshi

This charming website by Koshioshi comes hand in hand with his art. The portfolio is consistent and each project is presented with a lot of images, animations, and details.

4. Smirap Designs

A modern clean website design is perfectly chosen to make the colorful art popup. the artist’s website also offers different free resources which is a great idea in helping to reach a wider audience and potential clients.

5. Mary Maka

Artist’s websites should represent the personality and vibe of the artist, and this is exactly how Mary Maka achieved so beautiful, welcoming website going hand in hand with her art!

6. Shantell Martin Multi-Talented Artist Website

Another way to express your creativity is to design a unique website like no other – the perfect idea to say how creative a person you are! Shantell Martin is a multi-talented artist who thinks out of the box and loves the get involved in completely new projects – and her site says if loudly, perfection!

7. Vanda Čižmek

Vanda Čižmek uses a different approach to grab the attention of the visitors of her website – on the homepage, you will only see a fun illustration of a hyena and links to the portfolio and about pages. Also, there is a news section made to inform the audience about recent updates.

8. Cathal Duane

A great white website filled with colorful illustrations and graphics. This inspirational example of an artist portfolio site proves it is easy to adapt and personalize a simple layout using your own graphics to change the vibe completely.

9. Banksy Street Artist Website

Banksy, the enigmatic English street artist, and political activist, has maintained anonymity since the 1990s. His website exemplifies a seamless transition from physical to digital art. Mirroring his distinctive style, the site prioritizes visual impact over text, enabling effortless exploration of his thought-provoking creations. With an intuitive design, Banksy’s website provides a hassle-free journey into the realm of his extraordinary artwork.

10. Jack Daly

Jack Daly is a great artist known for his creative modern illustrations, and his website doesn’t disappoint! The simple web design with only black and white colors helps the audience focus on his artwork and explore it. The site includes only the important things for an artist – portfolio, project overview, contact, and social media links.

11. Matt Dixon Conceptual Artist Portfolio Website

Matt Dixon, a freelance illustrator and concept artist, embarked on a creative journey filled with crayons and brushes. He made his mark in gaming, contributing to titles like Disney features and Harry Potter, and continued with many different games. Since 2007, Matt’s freelance path thrives in illustration and concept design. His Squarespace portfolio website, emphasizing simplicity, showcases a modal grid design for easy navigation, providing a digital canvas where his passion comes to life.

12. Uran Duo

A married couple of freelance illustrators called Urban Duo made their website show many of their artistic work as images, and managed to build a big portfolio that remains consistent and represents their style in completely different situations and requirements.

13. David Lanham Illustrator and Designer Portfolio Website

Renowned for his distinct style and witty creations, illustrator David Lanham, co-founded a software studio and contributed to the Icon Factory’s creative ventures. Lanham’s website invites visitors into a vibrant, interactive world, featuring enchanting creatures and vivid hues. The concise site includes a playful gallery, shop links, and a comprehensive about page with a personal story, blog articles, resources, and interviews.

14. Yessiow

Yessiow and her street artworks are impressive, and her website doesn’t disappoint either! The great imagery of her huge projects helps us understand the complexity and scale of each of her works. It is a great example of how to present your art and all the work behind it.

15. Luciano Cian

Luciano Cian is an extraordinary artist with experience in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, video, and even urban intervention. Nowadays his work is focused on drawing with giclée prints, linocut, and acrylic on canvas/wood. His portfolio website includes images of the painting process, many of his ars, and different custom projects.

16. Nedavius New York-Based Artist & Designer Website

Explore the creative world of Nedavius, an artist and designer based in New York. With a portfolio featured on many popular platforms, Nedavius is recognized for his imaginative visual projects. As an art director and digital designer, he specializes in captivating 3D design. The user-friendly aesthetics of his website, adorned with clever animations like the animated cursor and menus, create a playful vibe that make visitors want stay and browse more.

17. Leo Natsume

Leo Natsume is a popular 3D artist who’s projects include collaborations with Google, Huawei, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and many more. His website looks minimalist, and straightforward – with a lot of white space and only the pages required for an artist without unnecessary things to distract the viewer.

18. Grand Deluxe Digital Artist Website

Sami Viljanto, an illustrator, embarked on a unique artistic journey fueled by childhood compliments on his drawings. Viljanto’s artist website has a simple, user-friendly structure, mirrors his creative evolution. The Grand Deluxe homepage showcases his portfolio with impressive illustrations and bold color choices. The website, comprising only three sections, enables seamless navigation and offers concise information about the artist.

19. Carry Grow

Carry Grow is a studio from character designers team with great artowks and creative vision. The team made this portfolio website to present their comics, and reach more people. The website is clean and modern, with simple structure focused on their work and linking to social media profiles for more art examples made by them.

Final Words

Our journey through these 19 creative artist website examples unveils them as more than visual showcases – they are the digital sanctuaries of creative minds. These platforms offer a portal into the artists’ inner worlds. They illustrate the transformative power of a well-designed website, transcending traditional gallery confines to connect with a global audience effortlessly. They are focusing on different features as each artist has different purposese, different audience, and different art – but one thing is sure, all these websites represent the artist style, vibe and personality.

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