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Square Business Card Examples By Designers Who Think It’s Hip To Be Square

By Iveta Pavlova

4 years ago

To continue the topic, today I’ve patched a new gallery for inspiration, this time for square business card ideas. Usually, business cards are rectangular mainly for practical reasons. They’re easier to print and they are meant to fit wallets, purses, or cardholders. On the other hand, their shape feels more natural due to photos and that is why they look.

The rise in the online world has that people now consume images in a much more open way than they used to. The world works in a fashion that requires browsers to scroll down or up. Square images abound. Naturally, with square images, the eye takes in the entire scene quicker as it is less for your eyes and brain to focus on. Therefore, easier for the viewer to get to the point immediately.

Additionally, the square shape in the world of business cards is different, quirky, slightly odd, and all the more memorable for those reasons.

As Huey Lewis and The News pointed out – It’s Hip to be Square… just trust us on that, you don’t have to google the song.

So, let’s check out some great examples by extremely creative designers that might just inspire you to think outside the rectangular box of convention and join the trend of a new dimension.

Square Business Cards With Clean Design

Usually, the cleaner and more minimalistic designs speak of luxury and class. This is why many businesses whose tone and message communicate a more formal and strict feel, choose to show it in their branding design as well. These cards have a clean design that relies on creativity by combing the logo, color, and the right paper.

Square Business Cards With More Details

Let’s proceed with a range of different designs -all square, you’ll get the theme- that shows the variation on offer. Block color, photographic, logo – the frontage gives you the hit, the reverse gives you the detail. Some great examples to give us the right angle to the collection. 


Final Words

In conclusion, the squareness of this collection creates an immediate effect. This selection includes so many great elements of design that once the original effect has worn off the branding remains. And this is exactly what we all aim at when creating pieces for a brand.

In the meantime, for more untypical designs on the topic, you could also check out this selection of excellent metal business card ideas.

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