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70 Super Inspiring Cartoon Pop Art Examples that are Just Too Good

By Iveta Pavlova

1 year ago

Extraordinary bright colors, amazing textures, familiar everyday objects, celebrities, distorted realities, humor, controversial topics, repetition, and even more signature characteristics make cartoon pop art an easily recognizable art movement that dates back to the 1950s and remains very popular and current to this day.

Having emerged as a symbol of revolution against traditional art beliefs and approaches, cartoon pop art still expresses the unconventional views of artists about the surrounding world. The rebellious movement that takes everyday objects and turns them into art is what inspired us to create this incredible cartoon pop art collection today.

Ready to indulge in a collection of 70 super inspiring modern carton pop art examples? Let’s begin.

Popular Pop Art Cartoon Characters

Pop art takes everything popular and turns it into art. So, it’s no wonder that celebrities are often the main objects of pop art, being super popular and easily recognizable by the mass. From the super famous Marilyn Diptych” pop art painting of Marilyn Monroe by artist Andy Warhol to plenty of pop artworks that praise contemporary show business icons. We have picked some stunning cartoon pop art posters here of celebrities like Pink, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce, fictional characters like the Joker, and even Warner Bros and Disney pop art cartoon characters.

Pink Cartoon Pop Art Poster by Renato Cunha

Joker Cartoon Pop Art Poster by Renato Cunha

Dua Lipa Modern Pop Culture Art Art by Renato Cunha

David Bowie Retro Pop Art Illustration by Anastasia Prokofeva

Pop Art Lady Gaga by Gibran Gomes

Pop Art Style Madonna Caricature by Gibran Gomes

Amy Winehouse Vintage Pop Art Graphic Poster by Renato Cunha

Beyonce Black and White Cartoony Pop Art Poster by Renato Cunha

Pop Art Marilyn Monroe Cartoon Illustration by Samji

Billie Eilish Pop Art Graphic by Laura Wächter

Flat Pop Art Lady Gaga by Diego Pedauyé

Mickie Mouse Pop Art Illustration Black and White by G McFly

Cartoon Pop Art Mickey Mouse by Oshtru

Disney Pop Art Graphic by Ovcharka Industries

Bugs Bunny Cartoon Pop Art by TheGreatDevin

Cartoon Pop Art Ideas for Package & Product Design 

Cartoon pop art has taken dimensions far wider than posters for home interiors or graffiti street art. Today, this movement has become an inspiration for package and product design, too! Cartoon pop art finds a great application in the real world, and these fantastic cartoon pop art package design ideas here are living proof.  

Pin Up Cartoon Girl for Product Design by Renato Cunha

Colorful Graffiti Pop Art Wall by Roberlan Borges Paresqui

Creative Pop Art Lips Pattern by Yippie House Work

Lady Gaga & Beyonce Characters Pop Art Record Cover by Ilayda Ermis

Comic Pop Art Style Bubble Gum by Peep Pili

Soda Drink Pop Art Candy Color Package Design by Tatyana Koidanov

Retro Pop Art Blonde Girl Craft Beer Bottle Design by Renato Cunha

Modern Art Cartoon Stickers iPhone Case Design by Lively Scout

60s Pop Art Advertisement Design by Irene Lebedeva

Abstract Pop Culture Art Record Covers by Gibran Gomes

Pop Art Cartoon Women and Girls

Feminine beauty is often an inspiration for pop artworks. Even more, beautiful feminine features like full and juicy lips, expressive eyes with makeup, and impeccable eyebrows are often common characteristics in female pop art paintings. Enjoy a collection of beautiful comic pop art girls and pop art drawings of women that show feminine beauty the way pop artists see it.

Cool Female Classic Pop Art Illustration by Lively Scout

Cartoon Pop Art Girl by Lively Scout

Pop Art Woman with Floral elements by Lively Scout

Comic Style Pop Art Scared Girl by Amanda Beatriz

Pop Art Red Headed Cartoon Character Crying by Cheyne Gallarde

Cute Cartoon Woman in Pop Art Style by Squaredot Art

Crying Cartoon Girl Comic Pop Art by Anastasia Prokofeva

Cartoony Blonde Pop Art Girl with Money by vectorpocket

50’s African-American Girl Pop Art by Irina Levitskaya

Cartoon Pop Art of Blue Women Hair by Kapitosh

Pin Up Girl Pop Art Illustration by Renato Cunha

Cartoon Pop Art Girl by vectorpocket

Popular Art Woman Smoking Graphic Design by Roberlan Borges Paresqui

Cool Woman Pop Art Design by Tashfia Islam Trisha

Pop Art Red Headed Cartoon Character by Renato Cunha

Abstract Modern Art Zombie Girl by Brit Lynn

Pop Art Bubble Gum Girl Illustration by Ubongabasi James

Pop Art Cartoon Lips of a Girl by Lara Evan & Tashfia Islam

Pop Art Lips Drawing Animation by Lively Scout

Pop Art Surprised Woman Cartoon Poster by Anastasia Stoma

Trippy Pop Art Cartoon Characters & Illustrations

Cartoon pop art is easy to recognize and easy to obsess with. Well, some artists do take the latter literally. Pop art cartoon illustrations often present distorted proportions and uncanny facial features of characters, missing body parts that reflect inner torments, hallucinative elements, harmful attractions, and bad addictions. Enjoy a collection of trippy pop art cartoon characters and surrealism, presented through the eyes of pop art artists.

Music Pop Art Trippy Character Design by ASHU GAUTAM

Cartoon Character Pop Art Design by Ovcharka Industries

Stylized Pop Art Banana Smoking Illustration by Alaina Johnson

Pop Art Cartoon Couple by Ovcharka Industries

Abstract Pop Art Male Character No Face by Roberlan Borges Paresqui

African American Pop Art Magazine Cover by Gibran Gomes

African American Guy Cartoon Pop Art by Gibran Gomes

Cartoon Pop Art Kissing Couple by Roberlan Borges Paresqui

Retro Monochrome Skull Pop Art Kiss by Anastasia Prokofeva

Heart Broken Pop Art Illustration by Ovcharka Industries

Pop Art Community Love Graphic with Pastel Colors by Lively Scout

Surrealistic Pop Art Zombie Double Head – Initiation by Roberlan Borges Paresqui

Psychedelic Surrealism by Roberlan Borges Paresqui

Funny Cat Pop Art Surrealistic Illustration by Duong Nguyn

Creative Pop Art Posters by Gibran Gomes

Cartoon Pop Art Wallpaper by Andrew Colin Beck

Colorful Cartoon Money Art by Astrid Abreu

Pop Culture-Inspired Zombie Hand by Evgenia Chuvardina

Animated Pop Art Shoes Design by Evgenia Chuvardina

Cartoon Snack Pop Art by Astrid Abreu

Food Pop Art Donut Illustration by Astrid Abreu

That’s it!

While cartoon pop art has indeed a lot going on, we hope we managed to capture the spirit of the style with this cool collection of 70 modern pop art cartoon examples. And while pop art today is primarily linked to the comic’s style, with speech bubbles, expressive cartoon pop art texts, and all, this style is so much more. It allows you to turn even the simplest can of soup into a cool artistic poster.

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