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Most Popular Free Fonts: Collection of 25 Fonts You Could Use Right Now

By Sandra Boicheva

4 years ago

It is said that unbelievably there are over 200,000 individuals different fonts and it is a number that is growing all the time. We thought it would be a good idea to take you through each and every one of them! – Nah, not really. Thankfully, we’ve limited ourselves to 25, and in addition, all of the fonts below are free. Some fonts involve a fee and licensing. However, It’s worth being aware that whilst some free fonts have unrestricted use others can limit your use, especially regarding commercial use. So check out your font choice first. Here are 25 of the most popular free fonts that are most popular for a reason.

Bitter HT Free Font

Specifically designed to be clear on any device, bitter HT is a cool serif – it has little tails attached to each letter – typeface

Calendas Plus Free Font

A classic elegant and beautifully flowing serif typeface. You can choose the regular style or bold or italic.

Bebas Neue Free Font

A five font selection (thin, light, book, regular and bold) which gradually increases in volume. Clear san serif style (without the flicks and tails). Free for static design sites, print, logos, products, and for e-books.

Brendan Script Free Font

A great font with a unique feel of free-flowing handwriting that manages to keep the clarity but pushes the style.

Brendan script is a calligraphic style fonts ideal for classy invitations or creating a vintage feel. Unfortunately not available for commercial projects but great for personal use.

Bodoni FLF Free Font

A four style font family that is free for personal use. Strong solid serif design that is perfectly clear in regular or italic style.

Gilroy Free Font

A lovely heavy geometric font that has two free options for personal use; light or extra bold. Great for a stand out signage.

Popular Google Fonts

The next selection contains some of the most popular free fonts from Google’s enormous 977 font selection. Google fonts are free font families so you can safely use them for both personal and commercial projects. The site of each font here will also show you the usage in different countries, the overall popularity in number of websites. Another plus is that you can vary of the sizes before you download, and see how readable the typeface is in different variations.

Cabin Free Font

Cabin is a strong sturdy design with nice geometric patterns and several thickness variations.

Roboto Free Font

A slight curvaceousness without going over the top, Roboto offers six thickness options plus italics for each.

Open Sans Free Font

A huge set of characters including Cyrillic and Greek, Open Sans pretty much goes with its title. Open, light, and spacey without the flicks and kicks.

Lato Free Font

Lato is clear and strong with a slightly rounded look making it nicely balanced and reader-friendly even in longer text blocks.

Montserrat Free Font

Montserrat has an amazing nine thickness options plus italic versions, which allow you great variety within a consistent flow of the text. It’s very readable too.

Oswald Free Font

Oswald is a tighter typeface with a slight angular quality that adds a confident edge to the text.

Poppins Free Font

Poppins not only supports Latin script but also Devanagari, which is popular in the Indian sub-continent. A friendly well-rounded font and another one with nine weights plus italics.

Raleway Free Font

A nine thickness family specifically designed for larger sizes, Raleway works beautifully when scaled up.

Ubuntu Free Font

Ubuntu font family already covers several languages including Greek and Cyrillic and will be extended to cover more. Chiefly designed to be used for screens.

Playfair Display Free Font

Playfair is a distinctive typeface that varies the line thickness within each character. This brings to minds an ink pen effect and the font lends itself particularly well to highly stylized, classical writing.

Fira Sans

A very clear and distinctive typeface that succeeds in its main priority, being easily read on mobile and handheld devices. In nine weights with italics.


Clear, simple wide lettering that’s nicely rounded, Quicksand is excellent for larger headings and distinctive displays.


Lobster works with letter pairs rather than individual characters, increasing the natural rhythm and flow of the written text. It is solid yet ornate but there is only one choice of style. There is also a great variety of support languages, making this a popular choice in Russia as the Cyrillic looks particularly effective.

Libre Franklin

Libre Franklin is pretty much as clear a typeface as you can find. It’s easily read in any size from the tiniest 8 pixels to the huge 112.


A tight, angular, spiked font family that is perfect for attention-grabbing in headlines, headings, or posters.

Bree Serif

A single style font, Bree Serif, is solid, hardworking, and suits any style of text.

Abril Fatface

The Fatface member of the Abril family is a thin serif with big fat curves. Familiar stylistically to Newspaper titles, it certainly is effective especially in the larger sizes where the differentiating thick/thin lines really stand out.

PT Mono

Mono has been specifically designed to work well with complicated data, managing to create a feeling of space and clarity. A great typeface for spreadsheets, tables, graph labeling, and form filling entry fields. Increasingly popular in both Russia and India.

Final Words

These were 25 of the most popular free fonts, all fantastic yet just a minor drop in the ocean of typefaces flowing onto the web. They are, however, popular and they are popular for a reason. Clear, flexible, multipurpose, we’ve chosen a selection that can suit most needs. Selecting the right typeface can have a major impact on the readability and presence of your site, creating the feel and attraction you need to keep the viewers there. Choose carefully, choose wisely, and choose creatively.

In the meantime, you could also check out some more amazing free fonts for your collection.