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Resume Infographic Examples For An Outstanding Self- Presentation

By Iveta Pavlova

12 months ago

To put together a resume that can get you an interview is the most important part of the job search. Yet, sometimes it’s also the most ignored part. Employers often only spend seconds on a CV so one has to wonder how they even choose who goes to the next round. The answer is simple. It’s not just about the content, it’s also about the presentation. This is why today’s topic is all about that presentation, so we’ll take a look at some pretty impressive design examples of resume infographic templates.

For certain professions, especially related to design or IT related, an infographic resume is a creative way to present yourself in style. Infographics help viewers understand the content quickly and easily just by scanning the page in a matter of seconds. For the potential employee,your resume can perform the same function in order to land you more interviews.

So what exactly is an infographic resume? Well, let’s replace the traditional text-based lists of academic achievements and interests with graphic design elements. Let’s also use layout, typography, color, icons, and font styling to organize content. This will not only grab attention but also demonstrate your skills to your new potential boss. Now, let’s hop to some inspiring examples.

Medical Assistant Resume Infographic

In this example for the position of Medical Assistant, we are straight away hit by the cool, clean shades of blue and white. A perfect choice for such a profession. The information is encapsulated in circular overlapping bubbles, beautifully and elegantly set out. Well organised and clear.

IT Executive Resume Infographic

This resume infographic uses a retro style and bright contrasting colors to attract attention. The textual information is separated boxed sections and uses iconographical to demonstrate the abilities of this IT employee. Sky blue and soft red are the dominant colours, making this example anything but boring.

Social Marketing Specialists Resume Infographic

Another way to get yourself noticed is a timeline infographic. This CV slashes a timeline diagonally across the middle working the text above and below. The monochrome colour scheme works extremely well making it direct and stylish. Ideal for a social marketing candidate. Note also the smudged grey background reminiscent of newspaper print, again tying to the media theme.

Illustrator CV

For an illustrator/graphic designer, infographic resumes are a perfect way to showcase some exceptional design skills and get you to the top of the pack. The plain typography and colours mean your focus is immediately drawn to the illustrations. This example has cartoony illustrations, vector icons, and customized buttons. All clearly spaced with a room to breathe. 

Graphic Designer CV

Another graphic designer example uses very different techniques to get their persona through and attract the employer’s attention. The CV uses central images to characterize the key areas and develop the information. The infographics contrast over a graded blushed pink background. It’s personalized with a carefully chosen photograph of the candidate that is designed to fit in with the overall feel.

Elegant Resume Infographic

This is an example of a beautiful and elegant CV from Sarah Wagner. The deep blue text on the soft yellow background certainly pops out(plus some really eye-catchy pink elements). This resume includes everything that is required to look professional and present you in good light. The candidate made this presentation with care and attention to detail and it shows. 

Themes Resume Infographic

Syril’s resume takes a childlike style to demonstrate and explain her skills. Much of this work is similar to a more traditional CV in terms of content, however, the colors and vector icons communicate the idea of a school report grading system. This showcases the author’s software talents from a unique perspective.

Scrapbook Resume Infographic

Ananda Turquetti has shared her CV example that is a wild yet stylish piece of work. All the information you need is there, some of it imaginatively annotated and emphasized with a black marker. The use of this technique for the headings, filling in the bar charts, and bracketing imitates the result of somebody drawing over a standard CV to make it their own. A very personalized resume that suggests this person thinks outside the box. 

Web Developer Resume Infographic

In this example, Robert Smith’s CV cleverly imitates an actual website. At first glance, it’s hard to even tell it’s a resume. This piece uses all the tricks of the trade: timelines, bar graph infographics, and pie charts, all running alongside classic website design features such as testimonials and portfolio examples. This CV tells us the developer really knows his stuff.

Classy Black and White Resume Infographic

Elegance and clarity are the first words that spring to mind when you look at this next resume template. Pure black and white, lots of clean straight lines, consistency of fonts, and organized structure. It’s stylish without becoming boring. If your job requires these traits, then this is a great source of inspiration.

Creative Illistratrated CV

Here we have a graphic designer who has created a resume around her illustration skills. Central is a lounging cartoon image of herself giving a personal touch, as well as showcasing her talent. The design has a scrapbook look that imitates girl’s diary entry.  Hearts and pinks all around, it’s full of personality. 

Visual Designer Resume Infographic

Speech bubbled personal story, illustrated selfie, breakdown of skills, and education are nicely separated. The vector icons illustrate the author’s skills and educational achievements too.

Designer CV with a Muted Color Palette

To grab attention doesn’t necessarily have to be with bright bold colors. More subtle and muted palettes can also be very effective, as in with this example. Soft greens and light grey dominate the background as well as the key infographic elements. Such subtlety of the colors help to concentrate on the text, it’s like a great actor whispering a line. The power of their confidence makes the audience want to listen.

Resume Infographic Designed Around One Image

A fantastic example of how to make your resume around one image, in this iceberg. A very visual and therefore memorable analogy. Under the water, we have all the information waiting to be given the chance to break the surface. The background sea and sky serve to further focus your attention on the ice.

Full-Body Photo CV

A unique way of using a full-length photo as the core of your CV. Here the designer leaves himself open, almost telling the employer that this is what you get. The infographic then focuses on the key qualities for this particular job, design skills, and software knowledge, as each skill is given its own customized diagram. 

CV That Tells a Little Bit More

The use of a photo is essential in a CV as it puts a face to the words. However, it can be so much more personal than that. In this design, the headshot with a pipe tells you something about the person behind the text. This is the dominant image and the most memorable element. Below this focus is the well-crafted professional areas of competence and all the extra information the employee requires. Presented in a straight unfussy manner with greyscale. 


Final Words

In conclusion,  there is no limit to how imaginative you can get when producing a resume that is not only informative but also puts your creative talents to the fore. If you feel inspired by this collection, you can unleash your creativity and customize a CV to match your personality, talents, and skills.

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